Wheel of Jeopardy?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wheel of Jeopardy?

Yeah yeah yeah I know they are 2 different shows, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! And I must confess to you all I love them both. Call me a nerd ;) I especially enjoy watching these shows this week because they are College and Teen Week. So I can actually play along because I know what they are talking about since they are a little easier!
Of course this morning I had to feauture a yogurt mess since yesterday I did a lil tutorial. I was excited with all of the comments I got regarding the yogurt mess! But anyways this monrning my breaky consisted of Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, a sliced banana, and Teddie's peanut butter. However I took the picture before putting some peanut butter lovin' on top! Whoops.
I had classes all through the morning, grabbed some lunch, had one more class, meeting, gym, and then tutor. Whew! My day was a long one and I am glad it is finally over. Tonight I will be studying for my Nutrition test tomorrow on Fats and Protein. Exiciting stuff! I will also be watching GREY'S tonight, of course :)

Dinner later on tonight will be broiled chicken, mixed veggies, and a Harvest Dinner Roll with milk.

Do you like to watch Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy?


findinghappinessandhealth said...

wheel of fortune is like my favorite game show!! i want to be on it so badlyy


biz319 said...

OMG, we watch Wheel of Fortune almost every night.

I almost always lose, my husband is just too good!

However, about 4 times a year I get every single puzzle! :D

ktbwood said...

haha my family loves watching wheel of fortune! im usually bad at it but its so fun.

Diana said...

Hi, this is my first time commenting but I've been struck by all your posts- you always eat the same thing. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't you get bored? Shouldn't you be aiming to add a little more variety to your diet? What about rice or a baked potato with your dinner? What about waffles, eggs, toast etc. for breakfast? What about sliced bread on your daily turkey sandwiches?

Sana said...

Jeopardy!!! I also love to play along! Grey's was ahhhhhhh! last night!!1

Abby's Vegan Eats said...

Hey girly, thanks for stopping by my blog!! Ill be sure to check back with you..

Have a good weekend and good luck studying for that exam. ;)

Bekah said...

Hi Jenna! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love new readers, and new blogs to read! So yay. :)

I was skimming through some of your old posts.. and I'm kinda scared to go off to school this winter, because I don't know if I should tell people about my blog. I'm always afraid to take pics of my food as well. And whole roomie sitch. Yikes.:/ We will see, I guess!

Tasty Health Food said...

I love Jeopardy. I hardly ever know the answers though... :O

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