Friday the 13th

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th
Happy Friday the 13th! Is anyone spooked out by it? Are you supersticious?

This morning I had a nice yogurt mess while watching Regis and Kelly :) My yogurt mess was the usual, Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, and a sliced banana with some Teddie's peanut butter, but with no picture :( Some how I forgot!

Now, I have been getting A LOT of comments regarding how I eat the same thing each day. I really would like to thank everyone who is giving me advice to try to switch up my eats, I really appreciate it. If you look at my older posts or have been following my blog for quite some time you will have noticed I DO EAT DIFFERENT FOODS! But for the majority of the time (especially while I am at college) I tend to eat the foods I am comfortable with :) I have tried oatmeal, over night oats, breakfast cookies, and cereal while at school but I mostly have yogurt messes, because I love them!

I know it is not normal for me to eat the same foods over and over but I am slowly trying to incorporate and try new foods! It is really hard for me sometimes but I am trying to work on it. For those of you who don't have or never had an eating disorder, it is kind of hard for you to understand. It is very hard for people with eating disorders to try new foods sometimes!

A reason why I tend to eat the same foods each day is because I am very comfortable with those food items. Again, I really appreciate all of your wonderful advice and next week my goal is to have something I usually don't each day.

Do you think I can do it?
Lunch and dinner were the usual :(
For lunch, a turkey whole wheat wrap with pretzels and a fuji apple with milk.

And for dinner, broiled chicken, mixed veggies, and an artisan roll with milk

Tonight I am going to an ABC Party! Can you guess what it stands for?!


Anonymous said...

ANYTHING BUT CLOTHES!!! wooo.. those are always fun!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Jenna said...

haha nope that is not it! but good guess :)

jibbalibba said...

i have yogurt messes most aswell, i switch up the cereal and yogurt but normally it stays quite the same but i say as long as you "can" have something else there is nothing wrong with that

Jenny said...

I have had a little concern about you and your rigid meals recently, girl.. but I know you can switch it up -- I know your breakfasts are pretty standard but try challenging yourself to something different for dinner. Pasta, perhaps?! that's always good :)

Katherine B Wood said...

girl you CAN do it! I know what you mean though, my freshman year i ate the SAME things and had a tough time eating out of my "comfort zone" its just a process that takes time and you have to talk yourself through will come!

have fun at the ABC party!!

Jenna said...

ohh jenny! i dunno girl that is a pretty big step for me! pasta is one of my top FEAR FOODS!!

Tasty Health Food said...

Yeah, I didn't want to say anything, but... :(

Eating the same thing everyday is a comfort zone for ED. Fight it!

Anonymous said...

jenna love!! i have been reading your blog all this time :D
i hope all is well with you and thank you for stopping by my blog. i'll add you to my blogroll of course ;)
you're such a lovely girl!
have a wonderful weekend

Laura: Learning to Love said...

I think starting small would be best- like have a yogurt mess for breakfast but switch up the cereal you use, or even the fruit.

As for the ABC party...I have NO idea what it stands for, but have fun!!!

<3 Laura

Kate G. said...

Hey girl,

I think people worry because it's a sign that you may not be fully recovered from your ED/ it may be resurfacing. so i think people just worry!
I know when i am stressed my past eating issues tend to resurface and i do the same things- eat what i am comfortable with (things where the calories are known perhaps??)
I think you should take this concern to heart! I know it's hard, i've been there (and go back there from time to time)
hope this is just some insight and does not offend :) have a wonderful weekend!

Pure2Raw Twins said...

I am so proud of you just being aware that you are having the same thing day in and day out. Variety at first can be scary, but once you start doing it ... you really start to enjoy it! :) But take baby steps.. slow is key that way you will stick to it. I used to eat the same thing almost every day for awhile and than that led to yeast overgrowth in me and multiple food allergies... which has led me to the life I live now. And I must say even though I had to go through some really tough times... I am so thankful and happy of where I am today with my food choices and overall health! I know you will get there too. Hang in there!

Jess said...

Thanks for letting us know girl! Keep on pushing. You can do it!
<3 jess

Leianna said...

I totally understand the fears and what holds you back having ED myself for the past 7 years! New foods and different meals will come, don't let others make you do it, we know you see someone at school and we are always here to help! You are doing better that I ever was after I was diagnosed!

Anonymous said...

i agree with everyone - all in good time! just try switching small things at first... the type of cereal you use, the kind of peanut butter, maybe instead of a roll with dinner you could try rice? or another carb? also, do you switch up your snacks or do they stay the same too? we never see them on the blog :)

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