Typical Tuesday

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Typical Tuesday
Happy Tuesday to you all :) I must say my day was just a typical Tuesday, nothing special or exciting really happened. I had my three morning classes and that was it.Last nights dinner was broiled chicken, mixed veggies, and a Harvest Wheat Roll with milk.

I unfortunately do not have a lovely picture of this mornings breakfast since my roommate was in the room and I didn't feel like snappin' pics of my foods. She might have thought I was a bit weird! I really hate it when I can't take pictures of my food! One of my goals is definitely to feel more comfortable taking pictures of my food around people.

Lunch was a smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with the usual fixings, pretzels, and a Red Delicious with milk.
This afternoon I managed to take a quick cat nap before getting some work done for this week.
Dinner tonight is broiled chicken, BROCCOLINI, and a HUGE Harvest Wheat Dinner Roll. Of course you can tell my excitement for broccolini ;) That is probably the biggest dinner roll I have ever seen, it takes over the picture!

A typical Tuesday would not be complete without the typical t.v. shows on tonight...The Biggest Loser, The Hills, and The City :)
Do you ever feel uncomfortable taking pictures of your food around people?


Anonymous said...

as a mostly recovered anorexic, I see that you are almost always eating the same things. Is that because thats the only thing you deem as "safe"? I went through that. I only ate oatmeal for breakfast. I only had pb sandwich's for lunch, and practically relied on broccoli cheddar soup for dinner. Your meals seem always almost the same. Why don't you branch out and try new things? Im sure your college offers good dinners other than chicken, maybe pasta, or a panini? One meal won't make or break you girl! Enjoy life, mix it up a bit! (:

Michelle said...

Not a fan of broccolini, but I'm glad you seem to be excited about it! :)

Gotta love Biggest Loser nights, woo hoo!

I do feel awkward taking pictures of my food in front of some people, but there's always my cell phone to snap a candid shot! :)

Jenna said...

yeah i do pretty much eat the same meals everyday. although i do sometimes swtich things up but i have noticed when i am not so rigid and follow my meal plan and not have the same thing everyday then i usually do not do well in my recovery. i tend to just do what i want. but i am definitely trying to become less rigid and venture off and try new foods. do you have any ideas?!

Jenna said...

michelle! i can't believe you don't like broccolini. it is one of my all time new fav veggies :) although it does taste differently than regular broccoli i think!
oh and i am glad i am not the only person feeling weird about taking foodie pics in front of people. when i am out around people i do use my cell phone though and it is very sneaky ;)

Anonymous said...

I know its hard! Do you still see your nutritionist? If you do, ask her how to switch it up! I did that after awhile, she was a real help for me! Even if you are in the maintenance phase of your recovery, there are other foods that are good and healthy for you! What does your school offer? I know that every day mine has a pasta bar, a stirfry bar, and a salad bar. Maybe one night get a stir fry with brown rice, chicken, and veggies. Sure you're still getting your starch, protein, and veggies.. but its different.. you know? Different tastes, different textures! After I let go of being so rigid, I found myself actually WANTING to try and find new healthy foods! I fell in love with chinese (healthy), indian, and italian foods! I know it might take awhile, but my favorite part of recovery (looking back..) was the fact that I fell in love with so many new foods!!! I hope everything works out for you. I completely understand where you are coming from, but just talk to your nutritionist.. maybe she will have some tips, and switch up your meal plan day by day! :)

Jenna said...

yes i do have a nutritionist back at home. i haven't seen her since the summer right before i left for school but i already have an appointmnet set up with her for when i come home for thanksgiving break! i have a lot of questions i have in mind to ask her and i know she will be able to answer them an give me great help!
thanks for all your advice and help!

Katey Lynn said...

Your welcome! I know completely what you're going through! You seem to be doing a fantastic job, I don't want you to think that I was criticizing you, it was just a suggestion! I would totally take advantage of food at college! Its a lot healthier these days, and you don't have to cook it! which is the best part! Keep us updated! :D

( i totally didn't know i could leave just my name! haha.. i don't have a blog!)

Jenna said...

thanks katey lynn! yeah you can always just leave your name if you don't have a blog.
i defintiely did not take your advice as criticism at all! i love all the advice i can get :)
and yes my college has absolutely amazing healthy food! i am so thankful!

ktbwood said...

haha i feel weird taking pics in front of people too! and in front of my roomies-i totally understand...and about earlier..eating the same things.. i used to do that too but its so good to challenge yourself to something "out of the box" at LEAST once a week..then it will start to come natural!

kasondra said...

people just don't understand. I never want to go into it either. I'll jsut say "oh gosh look at that over there, then snap the picture quick"

Kiersten said...

Hey Jenna-maybe if you tried your meal plan like they do at Walden (as someone who visited there at one time) and look at it in exchanges in order to incorporate some new things. Like, looking a Protein as turkey, fish, eggs, yogurt-I know it is hard but when I work w/ my nutritionist we come up w/ the exchanges and then make some examples from there. Are you still having snacks? Keep up the good work. A small change here and there really does start to make things easier.

Jenna said...

thanks kiersten for the advice!!

Erica said...

I totally missed the Hills- how was it? Your rommie doesn't know about your blog??? You should tell her because its awesome :)

Jenna said...

no my roomie does not know about my blog! i don't really want to tell her because i feel she will think i am super weird, like how had a blog about their food! i feel like other people who don't have food blogs just DON'T understand! you know what i mean?

lisaou11 said...

That roll looks to die for! YUM, it is huge.

And YES, I do feel uncomfortable taking pics of food. I was out at dinner last night and I quickly snapped some pics without my flash bc I didnt want everyone to see. haha.

Stephanie said...

when people look at me weird when I take pictures of my food, I just say I have a food blog and then they say, "that's really cool." So I think your roomie would think it's neat.

Missy said...

I know what you mean about feeling weird telling people. Obviously I know since I haven't told my parents or sister yet. I did tell my roommate and it took some explaining but now she loves it! She especially likes all the free food she gets to share with me haha.

*Naomi* said...

totally missed the hills! and saw half the biggest loser I am so sad to see shay go though! I think she deserved to stay but oh well she still has come sucha long way!

Megan said...

Have you nto told your roommate about teh blog?? I have two roommates and one of them and i started a blog togheter and were scared to tell the other one. She thougth it was a little strange, but at least we can take pictures of stuff without feeling weird now!!

Jenna said...

no i have not told my roomie about the blog and i am not planning on telling her either!
i think she might think it is real weird, but then again i know she would understand but i just don't think i will!
but i do appreciate all of your advice :)

Jen (Running With Cake) said...

Hi Jenna - I struggle with taking pictures of my food every day. Because I work full time and eat many meals with colleagues, I have to be very crafty about taking photos of my food in front of them. Check out my post about this issue - you may get a good laugh from it: http://runningwithcake.com/dinner/taking-food-pictures-in-odd-company/

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