Oats in a Jar

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oats in a Jar
Happy Friday! I am done for classes for the day and the weekend is finally here :) At my college this weekend it is FAMILY WEEKEND! I am not sure which day my family is coming up (either tomorrow or Sunday) but they are defs coming up to visit!! I can't wait to see them.Quick recap of last night's dinner included broiled chicken, mixed veggies, a dinner roll with milk. Nothing special but then I did watch Grey's Anatomy and relaxed for the rest of the night to try and get rid of my cold.
This morning's breaky included oatmeal... a nice overly ripe banana...and an almost empty jar of Naturally More pb!So can you guess what I had this morning?! If you guessed OATS IN A JAR, then you are correct :) This was my first time having oatmeal! I was super anxious to finally try oatmeal and also try oats in a jar :) 'Twas a great morning breakfast!

I followed the directions on the box and mixed one package of plain oatmeal with 2/3 cup water and microwaved it for 1:30. I thought that seemed like a lot of water but after microwaving it the oats soaked up all the water and it came out nice and mushy and had a great consistency. I then poured the oatmeal in the pb jar and sliced a banana on top and then gave it a nice mix together!
Yumm! I can't believe this was my first time trying oatmeal! I really did enjoy it and I will definitely be having more of this hot oatmeal especially since the weather is getting colder. Nice hot oatmeal will be the perfect morning breakfast!

The overall taste of the oatmeal was very boring since it was just plain. But the addition of the banana and peanut butter definitely made it tastier!

What do you like to mix in with your oats?!
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Lo said...


babygirl, I posted it weeks ago and linked it on every post ;) if u wanna do it, be sure to get it to me by wednesday :) its really FUN


Lindsay said...

Yum! I love oats in a jar! I always add nut butter. I sometimes add berries, chocolate, nuts, dried fruit or jam. It all depends on my mood!

Naomi said...

AMAZING looking oats in a jar there girl! I love vnaturally more PB!!! its sooo good!! perfect size jar too!

I love mixing in frozen berries, banana, chia seeds and pb with my oats!

happy friday!

Jenny said...

oh honey you have got to sweeten your oats up with some stevia or cinnamon -- plain oats = muy blah!

have a great weekend with your fam :)

Danica's Daily said...

I LOVE using a small agave drizzle on my oats and adding apple with cinnamon in the jar - YUM!

Thanks for the contest shoutout.

andshesoff said...

try mixing in cinnamon, soy milk, brown sugar or other sweetener of your choice! it makes all the difference in the world!

you'll be hooked :)

Megan M said...

If you heat up the banana with the oats, it makes it extra sweet and less blah! Cinnamon helps too!! I was excited to see a new breakfast on your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Oats are so, so SO much better if you cook them with milk instead of water! Believe me, I'm an expert;)

Banana and nut butters are nice to add, nutella is really good too!

Jocelyn said...

Hey girl.. YUMMM oats in a jar! You definitely have to add banana and some sort of nut butter to plain oatmeal - kicks it up a notch!

Usually I add bananas and almond butter :) Yum yum.

I'm also so sad that roast chicken beat my raw thing tonight! But honestly I was SO hungry...I felt like the fruit did not fill me for the day and after walking home in all that hail and wind all I wanted to do was eat something warm and cooked lol :P

anyways, thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great weekend!

Devan Geselle. N said...

i LOVE your oats in a jar.

Shannon said...

yay for oats in a jar! That looks awesomeeee

Jess said...

Bananas, strawberries (on top, cooking them in the oats make them taste weird), trail mix, nut butters, dried fruit. The possibilities are endless. I LOVE oatmeal! :)

YAY for a new oatmeal lover :)

<3 jess

CaSaundraLeigh said...

When I lived on campus last yr, I had a blasty on fam week!!

I still haven't gotten around to emptying a whole PB jar to try the oats method! My fave addition to oats is sugar-free pie filling--apple, cherry, or blueberry!

Gabriela said...

PB is sooo good on oats...recently I've been loving pumpkin butter on them too, because it reminds me of fall. Apples are also awesome to mix in because they get all soft and hot and yummy. It's perfect if you add some cinnamon, stevia and granola...just like apple crumble!

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