Closed till 3 o'clock

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Closed till 3 o'clock
Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a great weekend :) This morning for breakfast I had a little something different. I had a nice big bowl of fruit of Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt and Kashi Go Lean with a glass of milk on the side. The rest of my morning was spent back in bed laying down to get some more rest since I went to bed rather late last night ;) So since this weekend was Parent's Weekend the dining hall was closed all morning becuase they were holding a brunch. But I wasn't worried because I am always prepared and have food in my room and had everything I needed for breaky, so the dining hall being closed didn't effect me until I was hungry and wanted to get some lunch at 2 this afternoon!

I wasn't sure what time the dining hall was re-opening but I heard throught he grape vine it was opening at 2, so that is when I went over and found the doors were locked :/ I was quit upset because I was hungryyyy!

Luckily my girl Carly has a car on campus and is so generous and let me use it to go get me some lunch and her coffee, obvs! So off I went to QUIZNO'S and got myself a turkey wheat sandwich with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes toasted. Mmmm. 'Twass very good! I love Quizno's.

By the time I got back to school it was nearly 3 o'clock and I was starving by then so I had my sandwich, an apple, and pretzels with milk.

And just to let you all know...right when I got back to campus at 3 o'clock, the dining hall re-opened. I have the worst luck! Hah. But I didn't mind because I was looking forward to my Quizno's.

My afternoon was spent doing more homework and tonight I am going to relax and studying for my quiz tomorrow! Good night y'all.


Anna said...

I hate dining hall hours. So inconvenient!

Nice choice on the Brown Cow yogurt. That stuff is SO good!

findinghappinessandhealth said...

that sub looks sooo good!! you are doing a really good job of eating the right amount it seems like & it really inspires me to do the same :)


Naomi said...

oh i was always prepared with extra food in my room at college, I mean they can shut down the dining hall all they want! your breakkie looked better than anything that would have beenin the dining hall!!

Erica said...

oh geez! They should open at least one of the dinning halls back up so you guys aren't starvin marvins! Glad you got off campus and got something delicious :) Enjoy your Monday

Jenny said...

what the heck.. 3 o'clock is such a random time! oh well, that quiznos looks like an amazing lunch regardless :)

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