A lil change is good :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A lil change is good :)

Well I am a happy camper on this wonderful Humpday! I hope everyone else is doing well also. I did not get called into work today today and I got to try my new Barney Butter =) This morning for breakfast I got to test this packet of beauty I received yesterday in the mail!

For breaky I had something new! Whoo :) I had a packet of Barney's Almond Butter and let me tell you it was out of this world. The almond butter tasted just like almonds, it was amazing. It had the same texture as peanut butter but tasted different because it was made from almonds! This almond butter was very thick and not creamy at all. This is the first time I have ever tried almond butter and it rocked my socks off! These packets are only 90 calories and are perfect for on the go. I still have a bunch of these cute packets left and I can not wait to eat them all :) I would definitely recommend trying these for something different and tasty. Thank you so much Barney Butter for your samples :)

some lovely Barney Almond Butter on my english muffin!
I also had some Vanilla Brown Cow All Natural Greek yogurt. I had this yogurt before and I really liked it. Brown Cow has a nice sweet taste to it but is not as thick as Chobani, it is a bit more liquidy. But I still love it!sliced up banana on my yogurt!
This morning I made some dentist appointments for my sisters and I to get our teeth nice and squeky clean ;) I am going to shower and have myself a lil morning snack afterwards, a Boost with some Planter's nuts.


Tasty Health Food said...

Thanks for posting on my blog! I follow you now. :D I'm really excited to go back and read all of your old posts.

healthyontherun said...

Heyy! thanks for checking out my blog :) and yes homemade scallion pancakes are the BEST! soo much more delicious than ones from a restaurant! And Barney Butter = LOVE.. so delicious! I wish they sold it around me so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping! I can't wait to read more of your blog... <3!

brandi said...

isn't almond butter the best? I love it.

i've never seen that brand of yogurt!

i hope the dentist trips went well!

Angharad said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just been reading up on yours. Love your pictures of Cape Cod - so beautiful!

Lo said...

so I just ordered off of Amazon.Com and got 3 Crunchy Barney Butters and 3 SMooth :) 6 jars for 38 bucks? can u say addicted? hahha

that yogurt looks amazing! i just bought Chobani pinapple and pomegranite :) cant wait to devour them!

Jenny said...

isn't barney butter the best? i always have those 90 cal packs on me -- just in case anything comes up :)

Emily said...

Hi Jenna, I'm so glad you like my blog - thanks for checking it out! I'm looking forward to reading yours! :)

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