Happy Hummus Humpday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Hummus Humpday!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful humpday! I went to the store to pick up a few things...well mostly Celeste pizzas for my lil sister for lunch since we ran all out of them. But anyways, I picked up some Laughing Cow cheese.

So today for lunch I had something totally differeet! Today I am being WILD (well not really!) and changing things up a bit. But change is good!
Joseph's Original Hummus Tahini and The Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss Cheese
so rich and thick...yumm :)

are these just so cute?!
For lunch this afternoon I had a grilled hummus sandwich! I had a tablespoon of hummus on Pepperidge Farm Oatmeal Bread with a Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomatoes grilled on the panini maker. I also paired it with a fresh peach and a serving of pretzels, along with a glass of milk.

Let me tell you this sandwich hit the spot. It is a perfect summer sandwich. The hummus was so rich and thick. The Laughing Cow cheese was so soft and easy to spread. I don't usually have swiss cheese, but I think from now on I will ;) The swiss cheese was so good, and it was great combo with the hummus.
I am so proud of myself for trying some new food products lately. It is definitely a step in the right direction in my recovery!
For an afternoon snack I had a Chocolate Power Bar and a G2 while doing sudoku puzzles! I am on the really really hard puzzles now, so they are getting quite challenging! Dinner was nothing exciting. I cooked a piece of Perdue chicken on mr. george forman, topped it over some pasta and tomato sauce and called it dinner! I also had a dinner roll and milk.

I am now off to relax for the rest of the night and have a snacker before I go to bed, a nice cold Vanilla Boost on this hot summer night!


Emily said...

Hey! Thanks so much for comment..I'm definitely going to be following your blog as well.

That sandwich makes me wanna go out and get myself a panini maker



Sara said...

Mmmmm I love hummus! One of my favourites! I especially love the Trader Joe's flavours (they have SO MANY to choose from!)Have you ever tried falafel? It goes deliciously with hummus! I also love making wraps with hummus and avocado- greattt combo of healthy fats :)
Love your blog! Just finished reading all your posts and can totally relate!

Kristen @ Simply Savor said...

thanks for commenting on my blog! yours looks great and i cant wait to read more :)

janetha said...

the only thing comparable to the amazingness of waffle wednesday has to be hummus humpday! i love it!

Meg said...

Just caught up with your posts, and I must say - Barney Butter, Laughing Cow, and hummus are all excellent! Glad you like em!


Jenna said...

emily- panini makers are ah-mazing! you can also use a george forman grill, they work just as well!

sara- i know! there are just wayy too many hummus brands/flavors to choose from! and no i have not tried falafel w/ hummus! i will give it a try next time.

kristen-thanks for the comment!!

janetha-haha gotta love it, hummus humpday. i just made that up today!

meg- yes! i loved them all :) i am so happy i tried them!!

Erica said...

Great blog girl! Hummus and cheese is a match made in heaven! Looks like a fabulous lunch. Enjoy your night :)

FitFoodie said...

Hi Jenna, thanks for stopping by and keep up the good work!!

The sandwich looks amazing, I LOVE laughing cow & hummus. I gotta make it :)

kayberry said...

The hummus looks so good! Along with that cheese, suberb!

Jenny said...

ah hummus and LC are meant to be <3!

jilianmarie said...

Jenna, that sandwich sounds soooo good. I am absolutely obsessed with Laughing Cow Light, and hummus is up there, too! :) My George Foreman has been collecting dust...but this makes me wanna break it out!

- Jil

Tasty Health Food said...

I've been wanting to try the Laughing Cow cheeses! I know that I saw them at the store the other day but I was distracted by the sight of Popchips on sale. D:

Stephanie said...

That sandwich looks great! Thanks for your sweet comments:) I love your blog and I'm adding you to my follow list. Have a great day:)

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