Just a lil burnt

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just a lil burnt

First of all I would like to thank all of you lovely bloggers who left such sweet comments on my post earlier this afternoon! It really meant a lot to me. I honestly don't know what I would do if I didn't have this blog and all of your support :)

For dinner tonight I had a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer. I had the Roasted Chicken Marsala and I have tried this once before, it was good! Nice chunks of chicken in penne pasta with asparagus and red peppers in a marsala wine sauce with mushrooms! Last time I had this meal I thought it didn't have mushrooms...but I noticed this time they were actually hidden in the sauce. Whoops my bad ;)

Sorry for such the boring dinners but this week I am just so busy and stressed out for the start of school next week.

A delicious Cafe Steamer along with a dinner roll (just a lil burnt, hah!) and a glass of milk. I can always tell when my dad cooked something in the toaster because he always leaves the toaster on HIGH so the next person to use it (ME!) gets well...burnt toast!

After dinner I watched Police Women of Broward County on TLC with my mom and sister and it was awesome. Girls totally RULE ;) I also had a Strawberry Boost for a dessert as well.

I am heading to bed right now to get a good nights rest! Today I was just soo tired. I napped this morning and before dinner...so not like jenna!


*Andrea* said...

burnt toast is the worst. but a little crunchy is perfect ;) that meal looks delish! comfort food & healthy. perfect! hope things go well for you re: college.

biz319 said...

My boss actually eats those steamers, and I was surprised that it looked so fresh!

Good luck next week at school!

Genesis said...

i saw that meal at the store and I was thinking of trying it but then i wasnt sure if there would be big enough pieces of chicken....thanks for the heads up...ill pick it up the next time im at the store

Lainie said...

Hi Jenna! Thank for stopping by my blog earlier today! I've taken a peak around your and it looks great...congrats to you on your journey thus far! I'm in school to be an RD, and it is my hope to work with individuals who suffer from eating disorders. The whole matter is near and dear to my heart. Good luck to you and I look forward to reading more!

katecooks said...

that healthy choice meal looks good in your bowl! i never buy frozen meals with chicken though except kashi...because i'm crazy i guess?! but the dinner roll...ah carbs, i would be all over that!!

Meg said...

Hope your dinner toast isn't burnt next time! Haha! Hate when my Dad does that as well. Best of luck in your decision for school - do what you feel is best for you, really dig deep and try to figure it all out - maybe make a list of why you'd be better at school, and why you'd be better at home & compare the two.

I know you're totally capable of making a good decision, Jenna!

Love ya beautiful!

Julia said...

Confession: I like my toast burnt, ha ha!
Please don't apologize about posting "boring" eats: please please just eat whatever you feel like! Wishing you a great weekend! xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

Michelle said...

Yummy looking eats as usual Miss! I think you will make the best decision for YOU, regarding college choices. Only your heart knows what's the absolute best for Jenna!

Jenny said...

haha i am such a diva when it comes burnt foods -- i won't eat anything that's even the slightest bit black :)

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