It was like CSI

Friday, August 28, 2009

It was like CSI

Good evening! Friday night is finally here and I just just just just got paid! Ok well actually no I didn't get paid but N'SYNC anyone?! You all know you loved them when you were younger! I konw I did, well them and the Backstreet Boys. hollah ;)
For lunch I had a turkey sandwich on pumpernickel bread with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, Snyder's Oat Bran pretzel sticks, an apple, and a glass of milk. It was divine!

After lunch I was snuggled up in my blanket, reading my PEOPLE magazine, and watching the Doctors on tv. So everything was going pretty well! I mean what else could a girl want?
Then all of a sudden all I could hear were tons of sirens getting cloeser and closer to my house! I ran upstairs to see what all the commotion was about and I see two police cars speeding up my street. So of course you know your girl Jenna nosy as could be walked up the street with my dog (to make it seem like I was talking a "walk") to see what was going on. I walked up the street as did all of my other nosy neighbors and apparently some guy just robbed a bank in town and he ended up in my neighborhood being chased by the cops, it literally was likt CSI. It was unreal, there were several town police cars, an ambulance, fire truck, and there were even state troopers and cops from the neighboring towns! It was quite a big deal and luckily they finally got the bank robber!
So that was my excitement for the afternoon. I still have to get the full inside scoop from my neighbors who sit around all day and just gossip!
Anyone else have a fun filled afternoon like me?
After all that shenanigans I had my physical with my doctor and she cleared me to go back to SCHOOL :)
Then mom and I went to do some errands and we went to TRADER JOES! I snacked on a Cranberry Apple Cherry Clif Bar and a G2.
I got me some bananas, Clif Bars, and two Teryaki Rice Bowls. I looked at the peanut butters nut nothing really caught my eye :/ I was debating on getting the Trader Joe's Almond Butter but I think I still wanna try another flavor of PB & Co :)
Dinner was yet another frozen mean by lovely Healthy Choice. I had one of the Cafe Steamers, Chicken Margherita. It had big pieces of grilled chicken tenderloins, roasted garlic, and tomatoes over angel hair pasta in a balsamic vinaigrette sauce.
I also had a dinner roll which was NOT burnt this time (I made sure I checked the toaster settings!) and a glass of milk.

Overall I thought the meal was good! Nothing fancy, just a quick and easy dinner!
Tonight I am going to relax and finish reading my PEOPLE magazine! Later, I will have a Boost for dessert!
Have a good Friday night :)


Nicole ( said...


jibbalibba said...

my afternoon was nothing exciting but your little story just made it a little more exciting

Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting. On our way to Trader Joe's today there were 4 police cars that we had to stop for at a light and 2 went to the commerce bank parking lot. They were still there lights flashing when we left TJ's so maybe something big went down there too

Jenny said...

yikes, sounds like an eventful afternoon!

Pam (Highway to Health) said...

Ha! I still love N'Sync. They are all quite a few of my running playlists!!! Should I be embarrassed??

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