Blogger vs. Word Press

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blogger vs. Wordpress

Good Morning everyone! The weekend has finally arrived :) This morning I woke up to the cold and rain :( But to put me in a better mood I had a yogurt mess!
Vanilla Chobani yogurt, 3/4 cup Kashi Go Lean, 1 sliced banana, and 1 tbsp. Almond Barney Butter.
Now I have the little individual packets of Almond Barney Butter and this morning for some reason it was very hard to get the peanut butter open, I had to actually cut the thing open and scrape of all the peanut butter.
Anyone else have this problem?
Now the real question I have for you all is...


Nicole ( said...

I like Wordpress better than blogger! Wordpress has a cool little dashboard where you can control all the aspects of your blog. You can even see the stats of who visits your blog each day. It's so neat!

Jenny said...

hmm - there's a few differences between blogger & wordpress .. the main one being that blogger is a little more customizable whereas wordpress is more standard -- however, wordpress has AWESOME perks as well.

Anonymous said...

hey where did u get those BB packets and where can i get me some of that? lol
katie anne

Rebecca said...

You got relly nice pictures!
I just wonder... What is that brown bread-thing you got(don´t blame me for not knowing; I´m from sweden...)

Jenna said...

oh no problem rebecca! that brown bread i eat is dark pumpernickel made by pepperidge farm!

Quisha said...

just checking out your blog today for the first time and i love it. i'm all about blogger. i'm a google girl at heart (my future employer haha). basically i started with wordpress but you have to pay to change your theme if you don't want to use the ones they have. with blogger you have more freedom. i got a custom domain through blogger for $10! its generally up to you and what you like best.

CaSaundraLeigh said...

Well I use Blogger(obv), but I use Windows Live Writer to put together and edit blogs--you should check it out!

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