Typical Tuesday

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Typical Tuesday in the Household

I hope everyone had a terrific tuesday! i know mine was great because the sun was out all day and not a drop of rain today (it has been a horrible rainy summer so far) hopefully august will bring more sun?!

Today was a typical tuesday in the my household. i had my doctor's appointment today (like i have every tuesday) at exactly 1:40...fun times! today went well i guess? for lunch i had the usual, well actually not really.

turkey in a pocket w/ tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese, apple, serving of pretzels, and milk

sorry for the pics, i know there not that great...but hey i am just a newbie to this blog world!

the afternoon was nice and hot...i coached lax with 2 of my girlfriends claire & nicole all night with our lil cute lax players. around 4:30 i had a lil snacker to keep my going for three hours till dinner. i had a chocolate Power Bar with a Strawberry Kiwi G2 (sorry for no pic :/)

after 3 long hours of lax ended we were all starving so we headed over to...drumroll please...PANERA :) my all time fav restaurant now...but ya know the funny thing is that i used to hate panera because the first time i ever went there with claire i ordered a hot chocolate and it was cold, and i just never really liked it. but now i absolutely love panera, or as my best friend claire calls it, Panane!

I had the chicken dijon sandwich on country bread w/ lettuce, tomatoes, spicy mustard, and swiss cheese with a fruit cup on the side. boy it was divine!


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