Happy Wednesday

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I not only want to say Happy Wednesday but I also wanna give a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my best friend Claire!!! She is turning the BIG 1-9 today and we have been friends since the third grade <3
Summer 2008

Senior Picnic, May 2008

So today was wicked hahhtttt out and humid. I had a call-in at work for 11 so I called in at 10 expecting not to be needed...but they told me to come on in! So I got my but in the shower after eating my relaxing breakfast while watching regis & kelly (love them) and got dressed and got into work for 11.

But I had a Vanilla Chobani yogurt w/ a smashed banana, an english muffin w/ 1 tbsp pb (Skippy Natural) and a glass of milk. the whole breaky

smooshed up banana in Chobs yogurt

english muffin w/ 1 tbsp. peanut buttah

Peanut Butter used to be one of my greatest fear foods. ED would always tell me peanut butter is a FAT and therefore would make me fat. But I have learned in treatment and appointments with my nutritionist that peanut butter is a healthy fat :)

So I have been slowly incorporated peanut butter into my diet. I now use 1 full tablespoon of peanut butter each morning. Now I know all of ya pb lovahhs out there probs don't think that is a lot, but it is for me and everyday I am making progress. I currently use Skippy Natural Creamy PB because that is all I really knew of but now after reading all of these lovely blogs I cannot wait til that jar of peanut butter is finally gone so I can try some other peanut butters that everyone else is raving about!!

I have heard a lot of bloggers talking about these peanut butters listed below. I have been doing research on them and seeing what there all about but now I just have to finally TRY these yummy delights :)

So I went into work from 11-3, not too bad and had a nice lunch afterwards. Turkey sandwich with pretzels and some milkk!

I also had a lil snack around 5ish to hold me over until dinner. For the first time I tried the Clif Organic Z Bar, the Honey Graham flavor. It was the perfect sized afternoon bar to keep me full. Now I was expecting this bar to be a lot different than it was. I thought it was going to be more like the consistency of a Clif Bar but it was more of a soft baked bar, not grainy at all. Kind of like a baked cookie! I really enjoyed this bar and I will definitely try the other flavors!


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