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Friday, July 3, 2009

ok so this pic was in FL last summer of 2008 AT A HEALTHY WEIGHT enjoying my lifee :)

Hey everyone! Today is my first official day with this whole blog thing and I am really excited to become a part of the blog world :) But starting my own blog is also the start of my road to recovery with my battle of anorexia. I have been dealing with my eating disorder since the beginning of my freshman year of college, a little bit less than a year now. As I started college a lot of things changed for me, I was now without my family and friends at my side whom I love so dearly, and I now had to make all of my decisions by myself. My eating disorder soon became my best friend as I began restricting foods, over exercising, and isolating myself from everything and everyone. I have been recovering from my eating disorder for a few months now after being treated in the hospital for over a month. I am now home for the summer working with a nutritionist, therapist, and my doctor to finally overcome ED and get the life I once loved back again. With the support of the people whom I love I know I can get the "old" Jenna back again! I want to having a nice healthy, strong, and positive attitude and relationship with food and my body to become a beautiful young woman :)

For all of you bloggers out there I just want to let you now how incredible you all are! All of you are so motivational to me and I would not be here starting my own blog if it weren't for all of you. I hope to get to know each one of you!

I totally love my new blog!! Ahh I am so excited :P I really have no idea how to work this whole blog thing but i am sure i will figure it out and get the hang of it realllll quick.


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