Big Day Today

Monday, July 27, 2009

hello biddies! hope everyone is having a lovely start to their week :) i know mondays can kinda be a drag because the weekends are ovahh :(
but anyways on a better note, today is a big day beacause it marks my first real blog and i am kinda nervous and anxious both at the same time. i have been reading a lot of other blogs lately and they are all amazing and inspiring and that is why i have decided to create a blog of my own.
my blog right now currently does not have any food pics on it yet, but boy lemme tell ya there will be some sooooooon, ahh can't wait!
today was a typical monday and i had lovely work 10-3 but suprisingly it went by really fast (which i am not complaining about at all!) and now i am home trying to spice up my blog :)

it is also a big day/night because it is monday night, and you know what is on at 8pm...THE BACHELORETTE!! get excited. Who will she pick?! And did anyone see the previews for tonight, because something major happens and i cannot even wait.


Do any of you girls watch the bachelorette? Who do you think jillian will choose?


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