Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 29th is MY BIRTHDAY and today I am turning the BIG 20!

20 years old. Wow! I can't believe it now that I am no longer in my teenager. Where has my life gone?

Let's just say this past year has been a rough one for me with a lot of ups and downs. But in the past year I have also learned a great deal about myself and each day I am becoming a more stronger and happier person. I remember a year ago today on my birthday that I didn't even get to have a piece of cake. What was I thinking? It was the one day out of the year when I am supposed to have fun, indulge, and enjoy myself and I was doing the exact opposite. But needless to say I am not going to let ED rob me of yet another birthday. It is just not gonna happen this year and I am going to make this birthday a great one :)


Is it really spring?!

Happy Humpday! Can ya believe I am actually posting 3 days in a row this week?! Well I mean it used to be totally normal for me to post daily but these past few weeks I have been posting less frequently!

But anyways, todays weather was so NOT like spring at all and I did not like it one bit! It was cold, rainy, and windy ALL day long :( I just hope the weather clears up fast because tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! The BIG 20!

Here are some of my eats from the past week or so.I finally opened my jar of PB & Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter! I have been having this pb for the past few days and I still haven't gotten any raisins, but I can definitely taste the cinnamon flavor. I have heard ya really gotta stir the jar real good because sometimes the raisins go to the bottom. So tomorrow that is what I will do in hopes of getting some of those raisins ;)The usual yogurt messes with Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, banana, and Cinnamon Raisin pb.The other day I had a Wet Burrito with a side of rice. This burrito was filled with refried beans and topped with tomato sauce and cheese!I am pretty sure tonight I had one of the best salads at my dining hall EVER! Our salad bar just improved and it know offers a bunch of new salad toppings as well as different types salads!The bottom layer was romaine lettuce then topped with different types of other salads. Starting from the right going clockwise we have thai pasta salad, lil blob of hummus, Apple, Carrot & Raisin salad, potato salad, and 3 bean salad. Holy yum! This salad was BOMB! I loved how I got a little bit of each salad and they were all great but my favorite is definitely the Apple, Carrot & Raisin salad. It was just so different and all the flavors mixed well together! I would never have thought to combine apples, raisins, and carrots together. Would you?!Another face rockin' salad...Caesar salad topped with steak and parmesan cheese with Italian bread and butter.
Broiled chicken with Mushroom & Roasted Garlic Succotash, mashed potatoes, and a roll. Never had succatosh before so I gave it a shot and well it was different but probs not something I would order again!

Also, don't forget to enter my Justin's peanut butter giveaway! I have gotten some very interesting ways of how some of you like to eat peanut butter. I got the usual ways like pb sammies, on toast, in oatmeal, with bananas, in yog messes, and straight outta the jar. But on the other hand I must say I got some other intersting ways like pb on pickles topped with cheddar cheese and pb on oreos!! What what?! Haha.

I hope you had a great Humpday :)


Best friends

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey! I hope you are all having a great week so far :) Mine has been going well except for the fact that it was freezing and raining all day :( But at least on the bright side this weekend it supposed to be in the 80's!! Now that is what I am talkin' about.

So I have something that has been on my mind for quite some time and I would like to share it with you! Ever since I got diagnosed with an ED last year, one of my bestest best friends has not been the same best friend I knew before. The whole time while I was in treatment for a month I never heard from her, recieved a card, or even got a visit from her. Now of course I was not expecting her to do any of this for me,
but I was hoping she would at least be there for me as I was going through such a difficult time in my life and she wasn't. I was kind of hurt by this but I did not to let it bother me because I was getting so MUCH other support from my family, friends, and my other best friend! I did not want these little things interfere with my recovery so I didn't.

We used to do everything together and when I mean everything, I really mean it. We were always together. I lived at her house and I loved her and her family. We got along so well and laughed and always had a good time :) But I guess some people just don't understand ED and when they know someone who has one they either don't know what to do or they don't want anything to do with them anymore. In my case I think it was a little bit of both. Last summer whenever my other best friend and I called her, she would never want to hang out with us. She was either busy or doing something else. It was almost like she was too good for us now that she was in college and now that I had an ED, it was like she wanted nothing to do with us anymore. I probably saw her once or twice and when I did it was totally awkward, it was like we were never friends before. It is very sad that I lost one of my best friends.

So a few weeks ago I got a random facebook message from her asking me how I was Also, we are no longer fb friends because she de-friended me this past winter, I don't know why, but she did! But anyways, I haven't talked to her in a months and she was never there for me before but all of a sudden she was being nice and asking how I was doing. I still have yet to reply to her message because I honestly don't know what I should do. I mean I really wanna message her back and become friends again like we used to be, but then again why should I. She was never concerned with me when I was going through really tough times, but now she is?!

Did you ever lose a best friend? And if so how did you deal with it?

So now that I have shed a few tears while writing this post, I am going to relax the rest of the night and watch the awesome Tuesday night t.v. line up with The Biggest Loser and the season premieres of The Hills and The City =)

Don't forget to enter my Justin's peanut butter giveaway! You have all the way until next Monday to get those entries in ;)


Justin is callin' YOUR name

Monday, April 26, 2010

Evenin' love pies!! Did we all have a nice weekend? I have been very busy as the end of the semester winds down!

But I must say I was very studious this past weekend and got lots done. Last Thursday I finished my theology project which isn't even due until tomorrow! Don't let this fool ya, this is so unlike me! Hah. I also finished Eat, Pray, Love and wrote 2 essays! I feel SO much better now that I got that all finished and I don't have to worry about it or stress out because it is all done!

So I have been meaning to do a lil giveaway for you all for sometime now but I just finally got around to doing so! Soooo without further it is!

Yup, ya heard me right. 4 lil packs of honey pb! They are just too cute!They are perfect for on-the-go! So here is what you have to do to enter my giveaway:

all you have to do is leave ONE comment telling me your favorite way to eat peanut butter!

And to increase your chances of winning:

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This giveaway will end one week from today on Monday May 3, 2010 and I will pick 1 lucky winner! So you have one full week to get your entries in!


Monkey Mind

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey y'all :) I hope you are all doing FABULOUS since I last posted ;) Fill me in and lemme know what's going on!

Well I will tell you what I have been up to lately. Last Friday I was planning on going home for the weekend but...I decided to stay! I know, so not like me. Hah. Usually when debating whether or not to go home I usually end up going home but not this time! I went out both nights with my girls and had a great time and I was glad I decided to stay! This last week my attitude about college, friends, and going out has TOTALLY changed (for the better!) I just LOVE going out now and having FUN with my friends. I mean that is what college is all about, right? I can't wait for this upcoming weekend and it is only Tuesday!

So you are probably wondering why my post is titled "Monkey Mind" and I will tell you. As I said before for my English class we are reading Eat, Pray, Love which I highly recommend! But anyways while I was reading I came upon this phrase which is a Buddhist term meaning unsettled, restless, capricious, whimsical, fanciful, inconstant, confused, indecisive, and uncontrollable. We talked about monkey minds in class and my teacher said we all have monkey minds and I could definitely relate all of this to my ED! ED sometimes makes me feel like all of these all at the same time! I just need to relax, breathe, and LIVE and not let ED get to me!!

Some foods I have been eating lately...
yogurt messes with Brown Cow Vanilla yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, banana, and PB & Co. Mighty Maple pb.Breakfast on the go! Blueberry muffin, blueberry yog, banana, pb, and milk.Why hello French Meadow Blueberry Muffin! You are quite delish ;)Blueberry yogurt with all of its yummy chemicals!

Lunches have been quit typical of me.
turkey and swiss whole wheat wraps, fruit, pretzels, and milk.Grilled Chicken caesar salad and a baked potato with melted cheesy goodness on top.Hot grilled veggie wrap with american melted cheese! Yummm.Spring rolls and rice topped with veggies.Dinners have been...broiled chicken, mixed veggies, herb risotto, and potato, thyme & olive oil gratin which was beyond good. Never had it before!
Baked ham with asparagus, scalloped potatoes, and a roll.

Well that has been some of my eats as of this past week. I have been MUY busy with school work as well as my social life.

I am very sad there are only a few more weeks of school but I am also so very excited and ready for summer!!

Are you ready for summer to begin?!


Did ya miss me?

Monday, April 12, 2010

HEY!! Alright, so first of all I am ALIVE! I went on a much needed blog hiatus and it was just what I needed ;) As I have mentioned before I was feeling obligated to post everyday and I thought if I didn't post I would be letting myself down and all of you! I would be a failure if I didn't post or something bad might happen. But I think A LOT of that had to do with my ED! I think ED was the one telling me to post everyday and not me. So last Thursday was when I decided I was NOT going to post! It was a CHANGE and I realized nothing bad happened as a result! I felt good I didn't cave into ED!

But I must tell you my lil vacation from blogging was great. I mean I totally did miss it, but it was such a nice break to just LIVE and not worry about blogging each and every single day! Plus, I was really busy with school work this past week so I really didn't have time to post and why put more pressure on myself to post when I do NOT have the time?! That just does not make any sense. School work is definitely more important than blogging each day!

But now that I finally have the time to post, I WANT to post, and I don't feel obligated...I am POSTING :) It should be something I like to do whenever I want and I should NEVER feel obligated!

So I will share with you some of my eats lately. I didn't go so to say "gung ho" on my picture taking this past week. If I wanted to snap a pic, I would. But if not, then I didn't! Simple as that :)

Breakfast meals have looked a lot like this...
yog mess in a DCD jarI mean it was alright ;) But it was a sad morning when I said good-bye to this beauty. We sent some good breakfast moments together! But now I get to open up a new jar...CINNAMON RAISIN SWIRL :)Kashi Mighty Bites and Mighty Maplemixed up...only the best way to go!Kashi Go Lean and DCDOne of the best breakys I had this past week!Yup that would be a PB & J plus banana sandwich!!Fruit & Nut Delight Kind barI also tried out this new Naked juice...Peach Guava Smoothie w/ coconut water! I have been drinking these throughout the day instead of always water. They are quite good!

Lunches have been quite similiar to this...turkey wrap, pretzels, apple, and milkWith this lunch I had some apple sauce!Aka great dippage for well as on top of my turkey wrap! Call me weird but they were both quite tasty ;)more turkey (tomato) wraps
veggie burgers

I must admit have a new addiction to HUMMUS!
These have been perfect for an on-the-go snack! Super convenient and obviously delish :)

One of the best dinners I had was this...
Pasta with arugula, white beans, and walnuts in some kind of yummy sauce with Italian bread with buttah and chocolate milk. Very satisfying but filling meal!I have been consuming many Creamy Chocolate milkshakes as an evening snack. Of course chilled in the freezer for a few hours to make it cold and slushy!I have been sippin' on hot tea lately as well.And I have been tackling my TO DO List! I was a very busy girl last week which was a result of me not having a lot of time to blog. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE when professors pile on tons of work in the last few weeks of the semester!

Do your professors do that as well?!

I must also tell you for my English class this semester I am reading Eat, Pray, Love and it is so so good, I legit can't put it down!

Well I posted today because I WANTED TO and not because I felt obligated! I also definitely missed it! But I do not feel obligated to post each day and that has been a great feeling :)

Have a great Thursday night!!