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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hey hey hey! Everyone ready for yet another start of the week? But the good thing is it is a short week because THANKSGIVING is Thursday! I am finally going home tomorrow for the first time since Columbus Day weekend in October! I can't wait :) I only have to get through 2 more classes tomorrow morning and then my mom will be picking me up at school!

I still have been doing very well recovery wise since the last time I posted (even thought that was like only last week) Hah. But anyways last week my weekly appointment went well and I am not seeing Karen this upcoming Wednesday because I will be on break. She said I was doing well that she did not want to see me since she just saw me last Wednesday and is giving me this week off and we will just resume when I come back from break! I truly think this is a real sign of improvement :)

So now we shall move onto my eats as of lately...
Yog mess with Blueberry Brown Cow greek yogurt, Cheerios, strawberries, soy nut butter, and a glass of milk.

Have you ever tried soy nutter butter before?!
I haven't until this year at my dining hall! I am not quite sure what brand it is but I will check next time to let you all now. But I really like it because it is veryyy creamy ;)
My usual yogurt mess with Vanilla Brown cow greek yogurt, cherrios, banana, and Jif All Natural peanut butter and a glass of milk.Luna Bars have been my go to morning snacks as of lately if you haven't already noticed. What can I say, there are just so many good flavors to choose from!Get ready for this! Guess what I had for lunch yesterday?!a TUNA MELT!!! I used to be soo afraid of ordering tuna out at restaurants because I was scared off all of the mayonnaise they used or even when I would make it at home I would never put enough mayo on it and then it would just taste like blah :( But that was when I was deep in my ED and guess what? I am no longer into my ED and I eat what I want now and could careless what ED has to say. Well actually to tell you the truth, I rarely even hear his VOICE anymore!!! So since I haven't had a good tuna sandwich in awhile and I was getting quite sick of turkey sandwiches, I decided to switch it up and have a tuna melt because it was what I wanted and let me tell you I am glad I did because it was tastyyy!Random dinner but it did the trick! I was craving sushi one night and my dining hall hasn't had it in soo long but once they did I immediately jumped all over it. I had Vegetable Sushi rolls, a cool "S" looking wheat roll, and a piece of chicken with hot sauce.Hummus with pretzels, carrot sticks, and cucumbers for dippage! Seriously, I am officially addicted.

Another addiction of mine...frozen yogurt!
Vanilla with Reese's pieces :) Such a good evening bed time snack!

Now onto the topic of THANKSGIVING! I know this time of the year can be very stressful for a lot of people especially of those with ED. The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration while being around with family and friends sharing good laughs and sitting down for a nice meal. But for those with ED, holidays can cause fear, anxiety, and stress. Now I can totally relate to this because last Thanksgiving and Christmas I was still in my ED and it was horrible. I would get so caught up before hand and think about what I was going to eat and should I eat less before at breakfast since I knew there was going to be a lot of food later in the day to compensate and it was just so annoying and a waste of time. My ED was so strong and was the one in control and not me. I remember last Thanksgiving making my own vegetable dish just to assure myself there would be a "healthy" and "safe" food available for me to eat. But when I look back now I think it was just absurd. This year I have decided to take on a totally different approach on the holidays. I will not be limiting my intake before hand, or thinking about what I am going to eat, or making my own "special" dishes, or anything ED related. I am going to eat how I used to eat without and before my ED and that is that and I can assure you this Thanksgiving I will be indulging in some yummy desserts and that I WILL be eating pie and ice cream for dessert ;) I'm just sayin.

Can't wait to share my Thanksgiving recap in my next post :) Off to dinner with the girls!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!



Anonymous said...

good for you enjoying that tuna melt! i've never actually called it a tuna melt, it's always been a "grilled tuna and cheese with tomato" sandwich. hahah. more complex my way :)

i've been getting into luna bars (although clif still has my heart!) lately. i've been digging the pb cookie one

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of how far you have come. It seems like you have not only gained control over the ED, but have a new zest for life. The new zest for life is clear in how you are choosing to live each day, loving yourself and what exists around you.

Enjoy your holiday and enjoy the yummy food. Stay strong & laugh often. I think Thanksgiving will be another time for you to prove to yourself (because that is what matters the most) just how strong you are.


Jenna said...

thanks so much! i am ready to conquer thanksgiving and just have a good time :)

Katy said...

WELL DONE for having the tuna melt! I hope there will be many more in your future hehe.

I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving. Clearly, we don't celebrate it in New Zealand but I sooo wish we did.

Make the most of it!!


Annie :D said...

Jenna! You are seriously such an inspiration to me! Hope you have a wonderful ED FREE Thanksgiving!

Bryana said...

Yay for soynut butter!!! I discovered it about two months ago and have gone through about six jars since then! Peanut butter will always be my absolute favorite nut butter, but the smooth creaminess of the soynut gets me everytime.

Jenna said...

aww well thanks annie! i hope you like reading and find my blog inspirational :)
it means a lot!


Jenna said...

bryana! wow you must really like it! i must agree i love me some real peanut butter, but soynut butter is super creamyyy :)


Tia said...

I agree with Annie 100%. you are a positive blogger and sounds like you are really living your life now. I envy you :)

Tia @ Dietcolagirl

Megan D said...

So glad that you're going to eat yummy Thanksgiving food! It isn't worth it to deprive yourself! Enjoyy :)

Jen said...

jenna! i seriously wish you posted everyday because each time i read a post i am just so hopeful for my own life. it is just the healthiest dose of encouragement to read about your path to wellness. it helps all my worries melt away. post whenever you feel like and know how special you are to so many people. thank you!!! xoxo

Jenna said...

jen! that means so much to me and i really am touched to know my blog gives you hope :)

Anonymous said...

i;ve never tried soy nut butter! howd' you like it!?? yes yes enjoy the holidays- don't let the ED sAY anything, this is a special time to just relax and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

The day I have a tuna melt will be the day I do my first happy dance in public, i LOVED these pre ed, okay, new challenge set :) thanks jenna for continuing to be such an inspiration :)

em said...

I'm so glad to hear you're doing so well! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!! :)
ps soynut butter is pretty much the shizznet. I'm obsessed with Simple Food's line of soy nut butters- the cinnamon sugar is to die for!

Jess said...

SO proud of how far you've come! ENJOY thanksgiving!!

Jaclyn said...

Soynut butter is very different, but I do like it too! I do think i prefer almond/peanut though - I get enough soy in tofu etc! :)

Have a great TG girl, I will be thinking of you! <3

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about your wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Jenna said...

wow em! i never knew there are a variety of soy nut butters! will defs look into that...cinnamon sugar! what what!


Kelsey Ann said...

the bread is S shaped!!! <3 like a little bread snake with the sushi hehe.
ive had soy nut butter and i really liked it. i wanna try it with jam ontop to see if its anything like PB&J sammies. but good nonetheless <3

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