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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Saturday! This morning I woke up to snow! This weather is just so crazy these past few days. It has either been snowing, raining, or sleeting all the time. I just want it to be spring :)

Well I guess my special something I looked at yesterday was a bit too easy or else you guys are just too smart ;) But for all of you who guessed a guessed it! My mom and I bought a car for my sister and I :) It is kind of a sore subject in my house right now because my mom kinda just bought the car without really discussing it with my dad! Whoops.

This morning I had a yog mess with Vanilla Chobani, Kashi Go Lean, a banana, and Naturally More peanut butter on top with a glass of milk.
Like I said yesterday, Naturally More peanut butter is very peanut buttery, which I loveee! It is thick and has a chunky consisency after you give it a nice stir. It is great mixed in my yogurt messes and I love it when I get a big spoonful of peanut butter. Mmmm!

FYI, If you ever try this peanut butter I just want to warn you it is kind of hard to stir in the jar and I always make a lil mess!

Lunch today was turkey with american cheese and apple slices on wheat bread with TJ's pretzel slims and the rest of the apple with a glass of milk. Sorry for the somewhat boring post :/ Hopefully tomorrows post will be filled with more foodie pics ;)

Anyone have any fun plans for the night?! Please share!



Gabriela said...

Congrats on the car, that's so exciting!!

katyainsf said...

PB is my new love thanks to all you girls on here! hehe I've been adding it to everything recently! Wanna try more flavors though. As for plans - don't really know yet - my ear is still pretty deaf from that infection and it's cold and rainy - perhaps just a relaxing day at home. :-)

rollerkoesterrun said...

Love that you, too, put apple slices on your sandwiches! I love doing this will grilled sandwiches (usually put them on after grilling, just before eating) YUM!

~Christie (

Jenna said...

i am so glad to hear you have a new found love for peanut butter!
what has been your favorite brand so far?!
Jenna said...

congrats on the car! show us pics! :)


Jenna said...

yess! i love putting apple slices or pear slices in my sandwiches! it adds a nice lil change and a great taste!
i love the combo of apples, cheese, and turkey all melted together on the panini maker :)

findingbalanceandbliss said...

yay! congrats on the car girl!

funny situation, actually. My mom bought a 2010 corolla a couple of weeks ago without really going into detail about it with my dad. it's STILL a sore subject in my house lol. ironically enough, it was one of the ones that had the recall on it! its okay now though, it got a part that was fixed. I drive it everywhere though so I'm glad she got it :)

have a wonderful day,

Amanda said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYA! a car is SO exciting! I want to see pictures...and if i recall correctly...I was the one that guested it first :0) chyeahhh! have a great saturday!

Ashlei said...

Congrats on the car!!! That's sooo awesome!

ktbwood said...

awww yay for cars!! congrats lovely!!! that is super exciting :) keep enjoying home!

moretolifethanlettuce said...

i guesed it! lol! awesome, how cool is that? i hope you enjoy it :). yum the grill marks from your panini maker are so pretty

Tori said...

I'll have to see if my grocery store carries that pb. It sounds pretty good!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna!
Congrats on the car. That is awesome!
I have a random question. Do your parents bother you about what you eat? Do they try to make you eat other foods or are they okay with what you eat? Do they see everything you eat?

em said...

omg you got a car!? thats so exciting! what kind of car? congrats!
i had a jenna-inspired yogurt mess of my own the other day (with a luna bar instead of cereal); it was yummy! i also discovered mixing a supersweet yog (like any of the yoplait flavors) with some plain greek is AWESOME! u should try it!

as for tonight, im not sure yet- i'm either going out to a club called slide (where you have to go down a slide to enter!) or going to a house party with another friend

rollerkoesterrun said...

MMM~ Pear sounds good too!

sprinkledwithcinnamon said...

Ooooh what kind of car? Congratulations :)

todayslady said...

Ooh la la! Congrats on the new car. We definitely have had situations like that at my house growing up. Once my mom came home with a puppy without telling my dad! Its was a good buy though, I loved my dog!! This weekend I'm definitely watching the end of the Olympics!

findinghappinessandhealth said...

yay for a car!! and that panini looks yummyyy-- love the apple slices in it :) have a great nighttt !

Jenna said...

Omg my mom did the same exact thing with our dog!
He flipped out when my mom brought her home- but now my dad along with the rest of us loveeee her:)

A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

congrats on the car!!! yay to freedom! lol my mom does stuff like that to my dad all the time.. "what do you mean we didnt talk about getting a cat???" lol
boring is the way to go.. very safe! lol

kellieatsforfun said...

Looks like you got a lot of yummy loot :)

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

Yay for the new car!!! New cars are awesome :D
What kind did you get?

Jess said...

Congrats on the car! What kind is it??
<3 jess

Katie ♥ said...

Congrats on the car girl!!! Oh no to dad being mad yikes! He will get over it Im sure!!!

Anonymous said...

A CAR!!!! wow, so jealous!!!!! BUt what have you been having for dinner, just curious!! Keep up the good work!!! PB is the best but your right is hard to stir and get evenly distributed

Nutritious is Delicious said...

YAY for a car! Sammie looks fabbb!

Gabriela. said...

Congrats on the new car, Jenna!
I´m happy for you :)
Delicious yogurt mess, as always!
Have a great week, sweetie.
Brazilian XOXO´s,

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