Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a great weekend so far :)

So it was just a matter of time when I was going to hop on the band wagon and try this new yoatgurts inspired from the newly engaged Janetha ;) I have seen them on some many blogs like these lovely ladies...Shelley, Holly, Katie, and Kristie, I just knew I had to see what it was all about ;)

Who else has tried this popular new recipe of "yoatgurts"?

I was excited to try yoatgurts, I mean hot oats with cold yogurt topped with bananas and pb? Sounded good to me :)I cooked Plain Quaker Oats with 2/3 cup water in the micro for 1 minute and a half then topped it with Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Crazy Richard's creamy peanut butter and a very mushy banana.Look at that yummy pool of peanut butter! Mmmm. I gave the yoatgurts a nice mix as I do with my yogurt messes. I am not sure if you are supposed to do this...but I did. Overall I thought it was just okay. Nothing can compare to my yogurt messes ;) But I think not being a big fan of oatmeal had a lot to do with it. However I did like the combination of the hot oats and the cold yogurt together but I did not like how the peanut butter disappeared in the mix :( I am glad I gave it a try because ya never know if you will like something unless you try it :)

Any suggestions on how to make the yoatgurts better?

This morning I got some work done (yes, I am still catching up on work I missed from the beginning of the semester! It seems like it never ends!) and also did some laundry. After my lil chores around the dorm room I fueled myself up with some lunch. I had a turkey and swiss cheese wheat wrap with pretzels, an apple, and milk.Last night the girls and I went to Hannaford's and CVS. We go out shopping at least twice a week, but this girl ain't complaining! I picked up some new Luna Bars, a Clif Bar, and a Kashi Roll Bar.I got a few bar reviews for ya before I head out to the mall with the chicas. Wednesday afternoon I tried the Peanut Butter Chocolate Harvest Power Bar.This bar had a great soft consistency and I loved the oats in this bar. I could taste the peanut butter and loved the chocolate chips coated on top :)

I also had a Carrot Cake Clif Bar yesterday afternoon and I really enjoyed it. I have had this flavor before but this time around was just delicious. I love the little pieces of carrots in it! Since I returned back to school this past Monday I made a goal for myself to have dinner with my girls in the dining hall every single night no matter what! And well I must tell you I accomplished my goal :) Like I said in my post earlier this week I love eating with my friends, it is so much fun.

But there is one thing I want to talk about with you all. As I have been dining with the girls this past week have often been comparing my meals with my friends. Eating with them, it is something that is just unavoidable. I always glance around the table to check out what everyone is eating.
But most of the time I just keep telling myself my body needs the food and it is good for me! I am lucky I get to indulge in all of this yummy food my body needs :)
Tonight for dinner there was a total of seven of us girls eating together and 5 of them had salads for dinner. Which left myself and my other friend the only two girls at the table not having salads.

Now a days so many college girls are concerned about what they look like and what they eat.
I think so many of them believe they should eat salads to stay or be skinny...which is so not true!

It is sometimes frustrating and triggering when I see girls just getting salads to eat all the time!

But I must say one of my friends did a nice job making her salad. As you can see I snipped some pics of my friends while at dinner (gotta love the iPhone!) She got a salad with chicken, dressing, a roll with butter, and a glass of milk. She was probably the only girl who made her salad into a well balanced meal. While the other girls just got a salad with chicken and water.
What I found interesting was what my other friend (who didn't get the salad) said to the rest of our friends. Since they were complaining they were all still hungry after their salads, she told them they have to eat more at dinner! I was glad she told them that! Me and her are very much alike with regards to a lot of things and she is a great friend :)

She was not mean at all when she told them they needed to eat more besides a salad for dinner. She is the girl who always gets a well balanced meal and eats very well. Tonight for dinner she had a PB & J sandwich on wheat bread, Blueberry Brown Cow yogurt with granola, a banana, and chocolate Silk Soymilk. She had some protein, carbs, fruit, and fat. Perfect meal and sounds like a great breakfast to have as well ;)
Well that is my post for the day! Now I am peacin out to get ready for the night :)



Jess said...

So proud of you for eating with the girls! It's crazy about many girls eat salad for dinner, and then are hungry an hour later! Your friend sounds like a great one!

<3 jess

peaceluvmunchies said...

I think a lot of times girls think that salad will be the only healthy option...which isn't true -- often for lunch (which is the only time I eat in the cafe) I make the rounds and see what is being made before making my final decision...unfortunately for the cafe that I go to (one of a few that are on campus and the only one not located within a res. hall) is that they don't have as many options...and many of them are fried. haha

I'm glad you're observing and recognizing these things! Very smart, girl!! Glad to see you are doing so well!

Eleanor said...

It's automatic to compare ourselves to others, in every respect! Be it size, food, clothes, hair, shoes... Almost like everything's a competition. But, I am so glad that you've told yourself that what you're eating is much needed and extremely good for you! A lot of these girls wouldn't really know what's right to eat and what's not - there's so much confusion in the "diet world", no one ever looks at the Healthy Food Pyramid or nutritional guidelines!
Saying that, though, your other friend has a very good sense of what's good for her and what she needs - a role model. :)

I'm so proud of you for eating your dinner in the dining hall - food IS social, no matter which way we look at it. And I am so proud that you've put yourself out there and given ED a nice big kick in the pants. :)

All my love,
Eleanor. xo

Travel Eat Love said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I promise you that there is no better feeling than being properly fueled and supporting your body with the best nutrition possible. Keep that in mind when eating in groups of women might seem competitive. If that doesn't work, remember that eating well and enough also makes you LOOK good too :) And gives you the energy and brain function you need to be a successful, confident woman.

Trying To Heal said...

Great job eating with the girls this week! a great accomplishment!

I remember having those problems with my gf's when i was in college and we ate together...everyone always left hungry and complained about it. And then when they got home, they just pigged out on stuff. i wish someone had spoken up to them to actually eat something decent at dinner!

moretolifethanlettuce said...

i have ahard time eating with people sometimes too and comparing my food to theirs, mostly feeling bad if i feel like i have more aka "too much." but ive gotten a lot better about that and have accepted that how they eat has nothing to do with me, all i can do is eat the way my body needs to! lol funny that you snapped pics with your iPhone, i always stealthily do that too (with it on silent haha) i agree your friend did a nice job with her balanced salad meal! and i'm with you, yoatgurt was ok, but not stellar and nothing compared to regular yogurt messes!

Tori said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm a fan of yours obviously :) I tried yoatgurt to get rid of some oikios that I didn't like. That's funny that you don't like really like the oatmeal in it and I didn't like the greek yogurt in it. I guess it's not for everyone. I also compare my meals with other peoples when I'm out, but Im learning to just think what's best for me and not be so bothered by other peoples choices. To each his own ya know?

beccaandspice said...

i LOVE clif carrot cake bars--and the kashi roll bars!! is that chocolate turtle?? so good, you will be very pleased i promise :] i'm sorry you found those girls triggering, but i agree with tori. its so easy to let ourselves be phased by what other people are doing but this is OUR recovery, not theirs. don't let them bother you--you are doing the right thing baby :]

katyainsf said...

Comparing food is an inevitable part of eating with people, especially if you're female and have a history of ED - buttt...thats where you differ from that other girl just getting a salad. Her body is NOT malnourished and recovering from tremendous stress. She's not emerging from starvation, and no doctor ever suggested she drink Boost supplements to nurse her body back to health. It's more than likely that all those "salad girls" are mindlessly snacking throughout the day, or compensate for calories missed later when they get too hungry to care that they "supposedly" need to lose 5 pounds (thats how all my friends are). So really, you can't compare yourself to them because you're worlds apart when it comes to food and eating.
As for Yoatgurt - I've been eating this for a while! Had no idea others were too! :-) I usually don't mix everything together though. I put in the grains (oats, buckwheat, couscous or oat bran), a dollop of yogurt or pudding on top, fruit etc. Then when I sit down to eat it, I take a piece of fruit, some grain and some pudding all separate on a spoon and that makes it TONS better. ;-)

todayslady said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, I just looked through yours and you've definitely got a new reader! Ok, clif carrot cake bars are to die for!! Also, great job on handling eating out with your friends. You should be proud that you can identify what your body needs and also that you deserve to eat healthily. Nobody should have to sacrifice health and happiness for anything! Keep it up!!

Lena said...

I totally understand. I have the same problem too but it's at my work place andy boss' wife proclaimed to me one day that she was going to eat salad like me which peeved me coz it's totally not true. I don't eat salad for lunch I always have it with a sandwich! Plus I'm also trying to eat well again after having gone through Ed myself. :)

jaclyn said...

Jenna, I think it's really hard not to compare your meal to your friends and family... trust me I know! But it's so good that you are keeping things in check and remembering what and why you may need to eat more, ya know? That's great that you are eating all your meals with them!

lunchiemunchies said...

That's so fab that you're managing to eat with your friends. Takes the focus off the food a bit as after all food is a big part of social life and it's important to get used to that. It must be tough though with comparing food and whatnot, but think the girls with only salads who are hungry an hour later probably go off and eat other unhealthy stuff after or even if they don't they're not looking after their bodies like you are! Your other girlfriend sounds a great example though:)
Haven't tried the yoatgurt thing- I like swiss oats in the summer though ( raw oats soaked overnight in yog/milk and then topped in the am with banana, pb,whatever)

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

Don't ya love that carrot cake cliff bar?!?! ITs so good, especially with a little PB on top. Glad you had a great dinner with the girls. Keep on being positive and strong! You rock!

littlemissminny said...

I compare my eats to other peoples too, and I always feel bad when I think I ate more then they do :/
It's great that you are able to realize how those girls made the wrong choices, and you made the right one!
Tnx for commenting on my blog btw!

Sara said...

Wow; you're lucky to have such a smart friend! She seems like a a great role model.

Delicious bars! and i MUST try yoatgurt!


faithfitnessfun said...

I'm glad you didn't allow the others just eating salads to affect your meal choice. And how great of your friend to give them the comment on eating more being okay. :)

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

It's great that you have a friend like that! It's so easy to compare ourselves to others. I find myself feeling bad when I'm with someone who orders a salad and I don't... I think it's ingrained in us as women. But it's silly!! A big pile of lettuce is NOT a well balanced meal and is not going to fill you up. Period. GO YOU for listening to your body and recognizing what you need :)

As for the oats and yogurt, I find this combo delicious. I make a batch of oats and then refrigerate it overnight. In the morning I mix just the oats with some yogurt (sounds wierd but it's SO good) and then top with bananas and peanut butter and maple syrup.. to die for!

Molls said...

Two thumbs up to your friend!

I am not into yoatgurt messes really either. I will take my oats with a banana and peanut butter over it mixed with yogurt any day of the week. The yogurt gives it such a weird consistency. You should try making your oatmeal with 1/3 C oatmeal and 1 T Cream of Wheat .. it is an awesome consistency!!

-- I LOVE that power bar I picked it out on a whim the other week and was so happy/surprised with how good it was!

findinghappinessandhealth said...

you didnt like yoatgurt? :( aw. well i'm glad you tried it!!! way to change things up. sorry if i seemed harsh on the phone, i was in a bad mood haha. Try not to compare to your friends, you are different than them and you know that. You are doing the right thing- way to go hun <3


Jenna said...

shelley! omg girl don't feel sorry at all!
i know you mean well :) you just say it how it is and tell the truth and that is the best way!
yeah i wasn't a big fan of the yoatgurts-probs cuz i am not a huge fan of oatmeal :/ much rather have my yogurt messes :)


Holly said...

hmmm...if you dont like oatmeal, i don't know what to tell you about the yoatgurt. i made mine with some strawberries, and that was DELICIOUS! maybe try that?

thanks for the shoutout and have a great night :)

Michal said...

Oh yum! I cant wait until I can try the carrot cake flavor of cliff bar. I havent seen it for sale yet unfortunatly but carrot cake is my favorite :) Im sad to say that Im not a yoatgurt fan. Its just... bleh. Maybe i just didnt do it right but I just wasnt feeling it.

Janetha said...

yuhhhm. if you dont like that yoatgurt send it my way ;) but yeah, it doesnt compare to a yog mess with cereal. that crunchy sensation can't be beat! glad you tried it. love you babe!

Anonymous said...

did you have your snacks?

kellieatsforfun said...

I definitely have a rough time eating with other girls in the dining hall (I go to a women's college, so it's really ALL girls). Although we can have a lot of really great conversations here, just as often as not mealtime turns into talk of calories, fat, exercise. Little to no mention is made of finding balance or living an overall healthy lifestyle. It can be really frustrating, and I often prefer to eat alone, socializing at other times. I'm glad you have a friend who was willing to say something to the poor salad girls!

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