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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Thursday! Friday is tomorrow and then the weekend is here :) Any fun plans for this upcoming weekend? Well for me, I am not exactly sure what I am doing! I can't decided if I should go home or stay at school for the weekend. Since it is Superbowl weekend my cousins are having a party like they always do and it is so much fun and I really don't wanna miss all the fun! Plus, Monday was my lil sister's birthday and I wasn't home so we are celebrating more this weekend! But I don't know since it is my first weekend back at school, would it be better for me to stay at school or go home for the weekend? Any suggestions?!

So I have notice A LOT of bloggers doing Q & A lately so I thought I would do some for you all too ;) So here are some questions you lovely bloggers have recently asked me. Here it goes!

Julia from
Taste of Living asked if I was still eating my snacks between my snacks since I am not posting them?

The answer to this is YES! Just because I am back at school does not mean everything is fine and I can stop following my meal plan! As hard while at school I still stick to my meal plan, eating 3 meals with 3 snacks. It is just while I am at school, posting EVERYTHING I eat is hard because I am a lot busier here at school! This week is very busy as I am adjusting back to school and figuring out my eating schedule with my classes, but hopefully next week once everything has settled down a bit I will have more food pics for ya ;)

Sarah from Sprinkle of Cinnamon asked if I ever thought of switching up my breakfast meals?

Although I LOVE my yogurt messes for breakfast as you all know since I have one practically every morning, I have thought of swtiching it up! It is just that when I find something that is working for me in recovery I hate to switch it up because if it is working then why switch it, ya know?! But I know this is probably not that normal to have the same thing over every day b
ut I have had other breaskfast meals before like overnight oats, oats, breakfast cookie, and cereal. I hope soon I will be able to venture off and have other breakfast meals again.

Although I do try to switch up the ingredients in my yogurt messes with using different yogurt brands, cereals, and nut butters, but I always have my favorite bananas ;) I have tried other fruits in my messes but I always come back to the bananas!

Laura from
Coffee and Hope asked me if I eat my meals in the dining hall with my friends or if I eat alone in my room?

This is a great question Laura and I am glad you asked! If you have been reading my blog for awhile you may have noticed towards the end of last semester (as I was slipping) I was eating ALL of my meals in my room, which is such an ED behavior. My mom as well as my friends at school were noticing I wasn't eating in the dining hall. I knew at the time this was not normal but I didn't feel comfortable eating with them in the dining hall, I would go with them at meal times but always bring my food back to my room. As I look back at it now that was SO weird of me to do and such an ED behavior! I was also eating at such odd times, like I was eating dinner really late like 7:30pm ever night.

While I was at home my mom, my nutritionist, and myself talked about this and said this was an ED behavior and not normal. We discussed how I need to get back on a normal eating schedule while at school so I can be able to eat with my friends in the dining hall. So my goal this semester is to eat in the dining hall with my friends! I have been trying very hard to stick to my goal and I have been eating with my friends as much as I can for mostly lunch and dinner though. Since I have all early classes every morning I always have breakfast in my room during the weekdays.

Thank you for asking me those questions girls and I hope I answered them for ya. If anyone else has any other questions for me...ask away!

Have a great Thursday night :)



Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goal! Just think of all the good gossip and gab you'll have at meal times! :-D Glad to hear you recognized the ED behavior! Sometimes it is so hard to see stuff while it's happening!

Sara said...

I ate alone during my ED as well. My goal is to eat with my family and friends more often too.

I hope you are enjoying school girly!


KT said...

Hey Jenna, im not sure if your nutritionist talks to you about this, but part of still being stuck in ED is being in food ruts.

Although im sure yogurt messes are delicious, part of recovering means you need to try new things. Otherwise you will just slip up again, which at this rate you are on the fast track to another relapse.

This literally means buying new ingredients, new meals and forcing yourself to eat them, even if it's scary.
This is more than just a "different cereal" in your yogurt messes
More than just bread instead of a wrap for lunch
and more than just a different type of roll or mix of veggies at dinner.

i am not, and will not, be convinced that you are serious about recovery until you start eating new things (stif frys, oatmeal, toast and pb, fruit salad, a pastry once in a blue moon, sushi, ANYTHING)
(i know i know, who do you care who i am or what i think....)

just a few suggestion jenna, i hope you start taking these seriously!

Anonymous said...

Yay for the road to recovery! I used to do stuff like that too. It's great getting to enjoy company now when I eat :)


Anonymous said...

Jenna thank you so much for the honesty. I was hoping you weren't going to forget about my question, and I'm so glad that you answered it for everyone to see.
Stay strong!! <3

Anonymous said...

it's a great goal to start eating with your friends, that is still something i struggle with and i know it's a very ED thing to hang on to. i agree, when you find something in recovery it's hard to mix it up because it's working well, but variety is important to bust out of those food ruts. go easy on yourself though!

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

So Jenna, I have to say that I support you 100% in your recovery, first of all. I'm no nutritionist or anything but I think you are taking some excellent steps in recovery. I know how HARD it must be. I love yogurt messes... they rock :) Best wishes to you girlie!

Anonymous said...

great Q and As girl!!

the girl ahead of me is a little over the top-but i do agree- you need to challenge yourself more Jenna. you will feel SO freed and it will make you way less OCD the more you do it! please!

Katie ♥ said...

Good luck girl!! Hope you have a great weekend!! Love the q & A's !!!!

Hope you have a goodnight!! xoxo I love yogurt messes!!!

katecooks said...

honestly i dont know if switching it up is important or not in regard to recovery. i dont have experience with that so i dont want to say the wrong thing! but i dont have an ED and i eat the exact same thing every morning. i hate switching too!!! but its definitely something you should ask someone who is trained to have the answer if you are wondering! despite what anyone else has to say on this post...i think you are being really honest with yourself and i think if you ask and are told to switch it up for a bit, you should! but i certainly dont think that you should think that you are alone in eating the same thing every day. haha i think most people are guilty of this!!!!

about staying at school or going home...which would be more fun??

Jess said...

That's a great goal! You can totally do it. Eating with friends makes the eating easier, at least it did for me!

I say: GO HOME! :) Enjoy your sis' bday and the big party.
<3 jess

Anonymous said...

Since it's your first weekend back at school, I think it'd be cool to stay up at school! I mean it's understandable if you're celebrating with your family- but becoming active in college social life is key to the experience :)! As for this weekend- hmmmm, probably going out to eat with my best friends tomorrow night to a Moroccan restaurant then partying on Friday and Saturday night...haha...pretty standard ;)

La said...

Eating with other people is something I'm trying to work on, too. I mean, it's a little difficult being that I live off campus and my roommate is gone from early in the morning til late at night but I hide in my room and eat if there's anyone in the house and I *know* it's a symptom of the bigger problem so I'm certainly working on it.

AS for the Superbowl, I'd say go home and have fun with your family if you don't want to miss out, unless there is something really super fun happening around school!

Also - just started following you on Twitter.


Joanne said...

Great Q+A session! I feel like it's so good to be open about ED and eating habits and recovery. You are helping so many girls by doing this!

I would probably stay at school, only because I'm sure there will be some fab parties there as well and it would be a good time for you to chill with your friends. But I understand not wanting to miss out on the family stuff either. Tough call...

Anonymous said...

thanks for answering these questions :) i dont think 7:30 is that late for dinner though hah i always eat around then! idk

hmmm questionsss
are you still far from your target weight?


Missy said...

Love the Q&A! I'm glad you set a good goal for yourself for this semester. Your friends may feel uncomfortable to have you just sit there while they eat so I think it will be good for both you and them.

Michelle (Snacks and Field) said...

I definitely agree with you on the breakfast thing- I ALWAYS put bananas in my oatmeal/yogurt... they are definitely the best sweetener!

How do YOU feel you are doing with your recovery? Are you far from your target weight or are you approaching it?

have a great weekend, girlie :)

Emily (A Nutritionist Eats) said...

Jenna - I hope you are enjoying your meal times with friends!

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