Pizza and carbs

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey hey hey! Hope you had a great Thursday and tomorrow is already Friday! Woot woot.

Last night for dinner I had PIZZA! Pizza was definitely one of my fear foods early on in my stages of ED last year because pizza seems to get a bed reputation being bad and unhealthy. But it wasn't until at one of my appointments with my nutritionist this past summer where I learned pizza really doesn't deserve the bad rep! Can ya believe that? My nutritionist explained to me pizza has all the main food groups in it I need and to not be afraid of it. It took me awhile to grasp that concept but I eventually did. Over the summer I took that step and had pizza although it was very challenging for me but I did it. My favorite pizza toppings are veggies. I love pizza piled high with all veggies! The more the better.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

So last night I tried the Kashi Roasted Vegetable Thin Crust pizza.

The pizza was very thin filled with broccoli, artichokes, red peppers, and onions with provolone and mozzarella cheeses. For a frozen pizza I thought there was a good amount of vegetables!I really enjoyed this pizza and would definitely buy it again! I would like to try the other Kashi pizzas as well.

This morning for breakfast I had a yogurt mess per usual with Plain
Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, a sliced banana, and Crazy Richard's peanut butter with a glass of milk on the side.
I just love this creamy peanut butter ;)

This morning for a snack I had a Strawberry
Boost with the last of my Trader Joe's trail mix. I must get me some more, but this time I will try a new trail mix!
This afternoon I met with my nutritionist which went very well! My mom was unable to come with me beacuse she was getting ready for my sister's basketball pasta party at our house. I didn't know if it was a good thing she couldn't come or not, but in the end it was fine! We first talked about any struggles I was having with my meal plan and my eating in general. Dinner still seems to be a problem for me so we talked about ways we could make it it a bit more manageable. The reason dinner has always been hard for me is because it is the last meal of the day and by that time of the day I am just so sick and tired of eating. I constantly think about how much I already ate through out the whole day :/

My meal plan I use now is based off the one I used when I was in-patient last year at Walden. For example my meals I followed at Walden consisted of getting in a certain amount of protein, grains, fruit, vegetables, fats, milk or juice. But when I go out to a restaurant they aren't necessarily going to have everything exactly on my meal plan served to me on a silver platter, ya know?!

Sooo what we did was we broke down my meal plan to all the carbs, proteins, and fats I need in each meal and snack. It is a lot easier to follow and I think it is more realisitic.

We talked a lot about CARBS! She explained everything I need to know about carbs and I left having a much better understanding!

She answered all of my questions I had for her and we even went on Subway and Panera Bread websites to look at the nutritional information to figure out meals that would fit into my meal plan which was very helpful! With my new meal plan broken down I feel a lot more comfortable going out to eat and being able to order food that will fit into my meal plan.

Overall I am very glad we broke down my meal plan to make it easier for me to follow. The appointment was very successul and I am meeting with her again next Wednesday! I plan to continue following my meal plan to a tee ;)

Well I am off to watch the new episode of the Real Housewives of O.C. with my mom and sister ;)



Anonymous said...

Um-I'm glad your appointment went well but I have to say I think you shared too much information about your meal plan. Your plan is tailored for you and your exchangs are based off what your nutritionist is telling you. I have a hard time grasphing that your nutritionist is teling you to have 2 proteins at breakfast but as I said, it is tailored for you I have had different nutriionists and they use different exchange systems *some count cheese as a protein and a fat...yada yada* point is, this is your plan and it might be best if you keep the specifics to yourself. Just a thought for your readers-and it sounds like you were very honest in this post about how much you are struggling, I hope you will consider treatment. Truly. You need the support and it is ok to get it-there is more to your life then your eating disorder. I was where you are, I would have posted this thinking it sounded fine-but it screams that ed is ruling your life. Hope you will take what I'm saying as a positive, I don't mean anything but support. Go do what you need to do. And I have to say, Luna Bars with milk it. Hope you hear what I was saying.
Keep trudging.

Anonymous said...

Your example of breakfast-are you kidding me that you think that is unrealistic in the "real world"? That is breakfast-2 proteins would be an egg and a slice of cheese, 2 grain is 2 pieces of toast (egg sandwich), fat-tab of butter, fruit-can put tomato on the egg sandwich and milk on the side. Egg and cheese sandwich and milk. How is that unrealsitic? You have to want it. This post was all about excuses. said...

That pizza looks DAMN good! I have been craving pizza lately, I need to go get my some :)

funnyemily said...

i need some more tj trail mix too :) i think i will be hitting it up this weekend.
i think its great that you now have more information that will make it easier to eat out. i struggle with eating out too, but in time it gets easier (i'm sure you know this)
&& let me say that pizza looks delish, not going to lie is a major fear food for me but i really want to challenge myself with a kashi one this weekend.
happy thursday!!

findinghappinessandhealth said...

im glad you got your meal plan worked out :) i hope it works better for you! love kashi pizzas

LC said...

Ahhhh I heart that Kashi pizza. I couldn't believe it when I got my bf to eat that instead of dominos.

Sounds like you're making incredible progress. It's all about the journey.

jqlee said...

I'm really happy for you with your progress!

I used to fear pizza too but really, pizza is definitely not THAT bad for you if you order the right one. It's even better if you make it at home :) I use sandwich thins or english muffins, top with marinara sauce, veggies and then I sprinkle some low fat shredded cheese on top. It's really good!

PS. If you decide to "order" pizza (versus eating a frozen one), Domino's is your best option because you can customize your pizza online (ie. less cheese, extra veggies, etc.)

Jenna said...

Anon one- I agree with you with how I might have shared too much of my personal meal plan with everyone!

Anon two- I am so NOT saying my meal plan for breakfast was unrealistic! It is so reasonable and I follow that meal plan today for breakfast. What I was trying to say every breakfast I ever have again isn't always going to have exactly 12 oz milk, I fruit, I fat, 2 protein, 2 grains- ya know?! So I need to know how to do exchanges within my meal to not freak out if I don't have exactly those 12 oz of milk, Then I just need to make sure to get in an exchange for the milk I usually have. Does that make more sense?!

Anonymous said...

I was in a treatment program and it sounds like the exchanges are similar, I bet you could get an exchange list from your nutritionst or from the program you were in. I understand what you mean about exchanges, I misunderstood you-but I'm glad you also know your plan is far from unrealistic. I actually have never heard 12 oz milk BUT thats where nutritionists are different-Sounds like you are getting a grasp on what you have to do. Now, can you do it? You said you've been struggling w/ dinner-it is hard to do it outpatient, theres a lot of crying and sobbing through the process-or maybe get the bump up you need and then work outpatient. You definitey sound different from a month ago-I hear more Ed, but I also hear Jenna-and I hope you get the help you need.-"anon 2" -I like my new name. Have a good night-and one thing I did that helped in the beginnig stages of recovery-I wrote out a grid w/ my meals and snacks for the week and that was it (I was using exchanges adn still do but I was just understanding them) and I stuck it on my fridge and my roomate (I wasn't fortunate to be at home like you are) would cross off each meal/snack. It helps beause you do the planning in advance and you can shop and also not think about it-of course you want to move from this later on but right now, this might be good espeially w/ dinners-you and your mom can plan them. Just a thought.
Ms. Anon 2

Anonymous said...

PS I'm sorry, I sounded sarcastic in my first post. I didn't mean to. Honestly. -Now known as Anon 2 (I really am sorry). Going to bed and hope you have/had a good night.

Jenna said...

Ms.anon 2!
Haha I am glad you like your name! And thanks for the suggestion and I think I will give it a try. Did it work fior you?
My nutritionist and I actually came up with a method to make dinners less stressful and more manageable! It's not that I can't eat dinner or don't want to but it is more of just not knowing what to have! There are just so many options and I don't know what to have that will fit into my meal plan! I just get really anxious, nervous, and stressed out before meals- and I am always thinking about what to have. But once I sit down and start eating I am okay.
So we decided to come up with 7 different dinners for the week that fit in my meal plan and then when dinner time comes around I simply pick one of the cards and that is what I am having for dinner! Easy and no thinking about it ahead of time! I hope hmtgis will be helpful for me :)

peaceluvmunchies said...

Mmm, that pizza looks absolutely deeeeeeelicious!

Anonymous said...

It did work for me and it sounds like what you are doing with your nutritionist, and what I do now when I have a tough time-my nutritionst says "just make it the night before" or "stick to the plan". I would suggest picking the card WAY before dinner, like the day before or plan on Sunday for the weel and give it to your mother-then it is done. No worries. It still is going to be hard at first, but it will be a little easier if you can make the choices and hand it over to your mom. Make sense? This won't be ideal when you are back at school but for now it might be the best. Hang in there-and use your family as support.

Officially known as "anon 2"-

moretolifethanlettuce said...

i'm so glad your N appt went well! i had a very similar realization about pizza last year when i was working with a dietitian, and she convinced me to think about pizza as just being bread with veggies, tomato sauce, and some cheese. somehow the components are not as scary as the sum of its parts ;)

daintyvegan said...

I'm glad that your meeting with the nutritionist went well. :) Things are so much easier when understood!

I love pizza but haven't had it in awhile.. I think my fave toppings would be veggies too. With pineapple.. I loved pineapple on my pizza.

Sometimes Anonymous said...

Hey Jenna!

THANK YOU for your honesty about your meal plan. I must strongly disagree with anon #1.

I don't think it's fair for so many people to bash you (i won't lie i am one of them) about not being honest enough and then you get bulls*** comments like anon#1

I still think you have a long way too go, i still think you should be doing In Patient, but more importantly I just don't think it's fair for anyone to take you down when you don't deserve it.

Keep up with those exchanges girl, you can do it!! I think it'll be a much easier way to keep track of things!

scarecrowsinshadows said...

Glad you're getting things sorted with the meal plan and thanks for commenting :)

I'm not much of a pizza person myself but my favourite pasta topping is chickpeas in fresh tomato sauce with oregano.



Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat) said...

That's fantastic you were able to enjoy pizza! It certainly looks healthy and delicious. You might like making your own at home, too, where you can buy (or make) dough and put on your own toppings. You'd know exactly which healthy and yummy toppings to put on it, too. :)

faithfitnessfun said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am very interested in following your journey to getting healthier and stronger. Because who wants a life without pizza and good carbs? ;) Yay for progress for you today!! And thanks again for finding me :)

Amanda said...

I normally don't like pizza either! But that does look good! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Have a great day!

thevegster said...

Pizza can definitely be super healthy!! :) Amy's has good frozen options as well, but Mellow Mushroom is my favorite restaurant pizza. Have you ever had it? So delish!!

Keep up the good work with the meal plan! :) Have you read Shelley's blog? She's following a meal plan [trying to recover from an ED too] and it is probably similar to yours. Her blog is if you want to check it out.

Have a great Friday/weekend

<3 xoxo

Jenna said...

Hey ashleigh!
Thanks for the comments and yes I absolutely loveee reading shelley's blog as she is such a ibspiration! I am pretty much obsessed with her blog and I read it daily! Reading her blog and talking to her is so much help!

Yes I have seem amys pizzas and I definitely want to give it a try too! I have seen mellow mushroom all over the blog world and it looks super yummy! But unfortunately there aren't any around me :(

talk to ya soon!

Kelly said...

Good for you for eating pizza! That is an awesome step! I am smiling REALLY big for you girl!!

Jenna said...

Awww thanks Kelly!

katie anne said...

Ok, im officially confused by all the anons lol. bottom line, jenna, good job! keep challenging urself!
i luv u

adantatslife said...

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I only wish my blog was as nice as yours :)

I love piling my pizzas with veggies, but I must admit that I still struggle with foods that have a bad rep as "unhealthy". Hopefully I can get over that soon (I don't/didn't have an ED, but rather undiagnosed DE... diagnosed by moi haha). I'm glad your appointment with your nutritionist went well! Even though I am monitoring my food in terms of calories, I am also keeping track of having the right ratio of carbs/fat/protein at every meal, as well. It's hardest for me to get the fat in!

Can't wait to keep reading :)

candice said...

I only like thin-crust pizza. My favorite toppings are eggplant, spinach, and really, really sharp cheeses, but it doesn't really matter, as long as it's thin crust. ;) LOVE Crazy Richard's PB~ I need to restock soon! I wish you the best on your meal plan!

Jenna said...

I tried the Kashi Mushroom Trio & Spinach pizza...wasn't thrilled...I couldn't get the crust crispy and the veggies were definitely lacking...yours looks much better!

Katie said...

Congratulations on a successful session!

Haven't tried Kashi pizza, but I should. I love mushrooms and lots of veggies on my pizza! And mozzarella cheese. Mmm.

Jenna said...

yeah jenna it is really weird with frozen pizzas! it's definitely hit or miss. sometimes they are loaded with yummy veggies and other times they are very much lacking!

Gabriela said...

I LOVE Kashi pizza! All their products are amazing, so it's no surprise they're delicious. Sounds like you had a great meeting with your nutritionist- stay strong girl! I'm a huge Real Housewives fan, too :)

Carrie Anne said...

i read your story and it's truly amazing! congrats on your accomplishments! i will def be following your blog!

Katie ♥ said...

Kashi Pizza rocks!!! Glad you tried it hun!!! Amys makes some great pizzas too!!!

Oh you must try the luna chocolate peppermint stick!! It is my favorite ever!!!!

Yes i am addicted to VS Pink, hahaha!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!

lizzy said...

The pizza looks delish!! there is nothing wrong with pizza!!! soooo yummy, I'm so glad you liked it! It sounds like you're finding yourself and getting along a lot better with your mama! Keep up the good work girlie so you can get back to school and see your friends, i bet the miss you like crazzzyyy!!! xoxo!

april said...

I'm having pizza tonight too!

ohhmay said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the pizza... Kashi has some really, really good stuff.
I'm glad the appointment went well, but I'm sorry you're still struggleing a bit with dinner. When I was gaining, I let my parents take care of cooking dinner most nights (which was a huge change!) because, just like you, I was sick of food by that point.

I also tried to have a 1000 cal breakfast so the rest of the day I wouldn't really have to worry about jamming cals in... hahaha I don't know if that would work for everyone!!

oatsandchocolate said...

hey! oh my gosh that pizza looks delish(; its so great to hear that you and your mom are not fighting as much- thats awesome! keep it up girlie, you are amazing! xoxo soph

Jenna said...

hey may-how did it go when your parents took care of dinners? was that helpful or not?!

i must say i haven't tried a 1000 calorie breakfast before! i kind of sounds a little frightening to say the least! and yes my nutritionist and i talked about moving some more foods into the morning versus the night to see if that will help as well,

ttyl girliee!

Simply Life said...

Thanks for the pizza review- I haven't tried their pizza before but always think it looks great!

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