Pretzel Candy Melts

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Humpday lovies! I hope your Wednesday is going well so far! Mine has been quite busy since Christmas is in 2 DAYS and my family is hosting Christmas Eve tomorrow night! So my household has been a bit crazy for the past few days, aka my mom running around like a mad woman. Oh and yes I twittered last night she lost her wallet yesterday while doing some last minute shopping :( I really wish she finds it or the person who finds it is a good samaritan and return it. It would be a great Christmas present! I am just hoping for the best!

Last night I mentioned I was going to make some Christmas treats so that is exactly what I did. While watching The Biggest Loser I made some pretzel candy melts! Have you ever heard of them? Well now ya have and I am going to show you how to make these quick and addicting treats ;)
All you need is 3 simple ingredients...
  • Pretzel Snaps
  • Candy Wafers
  • M & M's

Then using a baking sheet place as many pretzels snaps as you can on the baking sheet.Then top each pretzel snap with the candy wafers.Notice how OCD I am ;) I make sure I get the right amount of each color.Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees and place pretzel snaps with candy wafers on top into the oven for 1 minute and 30 seconds, no more or no less!Immediately after they come out of the oven place one M & M on top of each candy wafer. Press the M & M down softly until it touches the pretzel so they are nice and secure. This process must be done fairly quickly before the candy wafers begin to harden.This is what they should look life after! Notice I put the M & M's logo face up and I only put the green M & M's on the red candy wafers and the green M & M's on the white and red candy melts ;) I mean seriously you can't put a red M & M on a red candy melt, it just won't look pretty!

Once you finished topping the candy melts with the M & M's, place the baking sheets in the fridge or outside where it is cold for 5-10 minutes for them to harden. I usually just put them in the garage and then there good to go after a few minutes.
Then place them on a plate and serve! These pretzel candy melts are quick, cheap, and easy to make and they involve very little mess and clean-up!
I must tell you these are super addicting...beware!Being the great older sister I am I put the treats in red bags and tied them up with red and green ribbon for my sister to bring to her teachers for a Holiday present!Then I put the rest in a container and wrapped it up with ribbon for my sister to bring to her Holiday class party.Now a days with all the allergies in schools, they take it very seriously. It is not like when I was in middle school when you could bring in homemade cookies for the class with no problem. But things have changed and if you make anything homemade you must include ALL ingredients in the product. So I made sure to create a lil ingredient list for her to bring in as well!

The smell of Balsam & Cedar fills the air in my house through the Holidays!

Alright so there is the recipe to make pretzel candy melts! If you are looking for a dessert for the Holidays I highly suggest trying these! If you have any quesyions just lemme know :)

Have you ever had pretzel candy melts or anything similar to these before?

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Emily (The Experimentarian) said...

Oh those pretzle melts are too cute! I made something similar not too long ago on the blog--I think yours are prettier though! xoxo

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Those pretzel melts are so cute. What a creative idea! I've got the same candle and it's lovely :)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE those pretzel melts!! we make them w. Rolos and put an almond on top..delish!

Anonymous said...

those look AMAZING!!! Such a great idea...pretzels with anything sweet is my favorite! Hope you have a great christmas :)

-Dana :)

Anonymous said...

I hope your mom finds her wallet!! Those pretzel candies look like a yummy treat! :)

Katie ♥ said...

Those look so good and I love the colors!! THey look addiciting!! I would eat so many!!! Yum!!!

I wish you and your family Happy Holidays!!!! xoxo

Nutritious is Delicious said...

MMM! Those look so great and so easy! Great Holiday treat! :D

Anonymous said...

mmm I made something kinda like this, except it was Rolo candy smooshed between two pretzels.
Love the sweet and salty! :)

From Here to There. In Purple. said...

OOO, what a clever, simple, festive and tasty idea!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh you pretzel candy melts look so pretty and yummy! Very very clever and festive! xx

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to be even mentioning your 'eats' as of late, since you've been home.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Thanks for this post; Now I know what type of food gifts I can prepare for my friends! :D HAHA!

Anonymous said...

cute desserts jenna :)

Lena said...

totally cool pretzel candy melts! :P

Anonymous said...

Thos look so festive - and so incredibly easy to make! Thanks for the recipe :) I'm planning on baking some shortbread today, but I think I will use this as a back up plan!

Have an AMAZING Christmas get together with your family - You deserve to relax and enjoy the love :)


jenna said...

Hey J,
I am glad you asked me where my eats are and why I haven't been posting them! I was going to mention that in my post yesterday but I didn't.
I must tell you I have been doing well and eating and trying new foods since I have been home!
I have just been super busy with being home, spending time with my famly, and getting ready for the Holidays!
But once everything begins to calm down I will be once again posting my eats:)
Have a great Christmas Eve :)

Anonymous said...

omgosh, those pretzel snaps are too cute!! i love that idea!!

Anonymous said...

We make these with Rolos (the chocolate with caramel on the inside) and pecans. THey have to be baked for more like five minutes, but they are so good. I'll have to try your version one of these days.

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