It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I must say it is beginning to look at lot like Christmas, especially here at school! Today there was a Christmas celebration at the Student Center and it was so much fun! There was Christmas music, crafts, food, and lots to win! I tried to win a cool t-shirt, but no such luck :/ But I did make a stocking :)

So after my LAST DAY OF CLASSES for the semester I came back to have some lunch. I can't believe this semester is over and I have finals coming up! Ahh so much studying ahead of me. This semester absolutely flew by!

Turkey wrap with pretzels,

a Red Delicious,

and milk.

Here is my lunch all together now, all together now ;)

My cute lil stocking I made! It is now currently hanging up in my dormroom.

To add on to the Christmas festivites going on at my school today, we had the annual CHRISTMAS FEAST tonight!! I must say my school is very much into the holidays and I love it! Didn't you know that was the only reason I came to this school? I kid I kid ;) But I am pretty sure my college is the only one who has gingerbread making contests and Christmas feasts! Be jealous ;)

Well tonight will be spent doing some studying, studying, and then some more studying. But I can definitely feel some blog reading and t.v. shows in there as well ;)

Have a great Thursday night!

I briefly want to talk about something which has been on my mind. I have been getting a lot of comments lately regarding what and how much food I eat. I just want to remind everyone that each person is DIFFERENT and nobody is the same...and NOT to compare yourself with others, I know I do a lot! Everyone is in a different stage in their recovery which makes everyone different in their own unique way.

So the important message I want to get across to you beauties is...NOT to compare youself with others :) I hope my blog is not triggering to anyone and if it is please kindly let me know! I would appreciate all the advice.



Ada said...

I hear ya with the studying, congrats on being done with classes though!

Anonymous said...

amen girl, NEVER compare yourself with others, but always make sure you get enough food in ya! as long as you are getting healthy, thats all that matters!! yay for stockings and LAST DAY OF CLASSES..congrats boo!

Anonymous said...

I really don't know what to say. But in response to KTBWOOD-I don't think you are getting enough calories/food. I would strongly recommend you change the tone of your blog and I recommend readers to look elsewhere for advice regarding recovery from Ed, not that you won't be able to provide it one day but right now what you are saying is more detrimental then you realize.
You can overcome this, stop pretending. This is the most "in denial" post I've read. I hoped you were going to see things differently and this just makes me sad-for you and for your readers who think what you are doing is good. I support you but I don't support a post like this. Hopefully you will see what we are all talking about.

Kiersten said...

Please think about what you are saying.
You just said you were struggling and today you are telling your readers (I worry about the ones in the thros of Ed) that a person can live on what you eat. Yes, you are surviving but you aren't living. I have to agree w/ earlier comments that your blog is more ed and less recovery and I will tell you I think what you wrote tonight is probably very triggering to people.
Wishing you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Im cheerin for ya girl! Love your stocking!

here's a quote I think you'd like:
"There is no magic cure, no making it all go away forever. There are only small steps upward; an easier day, an unexpected laugh, a mirror that doesn't matter anymore."

Jenna said...

i am by NO means telling people to follow what i ALL! i just wanted to make it clear that everyone should not compare themselves with others, that's all! i did not mean to sound harsh or mean! i am sorry if i offended anyone.

Anonymous said...

Jenna, I'm not saying you were
"telling" people what to eat, and don't stress, just be YOU. I think the frustration comes in that it sounded like you were following a meal plain (which we know isn't the case) or past a meal plan and in recovery and honey people want to help you do what you need to do to be healthy. I was upset because if someone even reads your blog, reads that comment and hasnt been following you-or even if they have been following you, it would definitely seem like what you eat is ok (but it depends on the reader). BUT, this is about you. I think you know you need to eat more, and that your body needs more-and it is fckig scary! It is the hardest thing you will do, but the most worthwhile. please email me so I can give you info on my nutrit, she is SO amazing and is very UNLIKE Walden. She is all about whole foods, real food. She's in Wellesly and you're in Shrewsbury, right? I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Jenna said...

thanks kiersten!
i am by no means telling people to eat like me. that is why i stressed for people NOT to compare themselves to others, like me since everyone is different! because by NO means at all am i perfect, i am far from it!
and i do follow a meal plan from that i have from walden and from my own nutritionist!

Carly in Wonderland said...

i like the plate you stole from cab! ha!
maybe you should add a boost with lunch :) you can have one of my coffee latte ensures!!! i know you love coffee so...
finals suck cause finals = stress and i know for me at least stress = ed so just know if you are having a hard time this week you can call me :) we can do it together. ly

Kiersten said...

Ok, honesty time-no WAY what you are eating is a Walden meal plan. BUT BUT BUT BUT, more importantly, noone is saying you need to be perfect-do you see that we (and all the anons) are saying we know what you are going through. We've been there (Hell we might be there). It is CLEAR you need more support. I don't believe at ALL that you can do this without a nutrit, and as I was saying I know the Walden meal plan for maintenance and you aren't doing that. I'm sorry, but lets be honest. SO-lets be real. Everyone has different needs, I agree, and it is scary to admit to yourself you have to gain but you do. I would REALLY like to give you the info of my nutritsh and even my pcp. Email me, ok? Get some shut eye.

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie!
Thanks for the comments!
I am loving your blog :)

I have been reading through some of your comments, and Im not gonna got involved in it all. But I just wanted to say from experience, that I know how hard it can be to make those small changes at first. From a wrap to normal bread, or whatever the food items may be.
I remember my first big turn around was switching from a diet yogurt to normal yogurt (so happy I made that swap, never going back)
And when I look back those first few changes were such milestones, cause even those small steps can be the catalyst to lasting changes. It can be so hard to stop listening to that ED voice. Especially on days when it gets louder

But the more you challenge yourself, the quieter the voice will get. So keep making those small changes each and every day girlie. So eventually the only voice left will be yours Jenna :)

Also!! Make sure you are honest with your nutiritionist. (I am sure you are, but just in cases) Cause I know for me, in the first month I was seeing her, I wasn't very honest, because I felt like I had to do recovery perfectly. I felt like I couldn't go in and admit I had missed something or she would not like me, or she would that I was a failure (silliness) What I realize now is recovery is not perfect. It will have its slips, but being honest about them, and reaching out for help when they happen will prepare you to avoid those slips the next time they come up.

Stay strong, and keep it up girlie!

allie said...

this isn't about this post, but kiersten, i'm in the area and would love a nutritionist focused on whole, real foods. can i have your email to talk about it with you?

Anonymous said...

SO I was looking at some of your ld posts and you used to eat yogurt banana, english muffin, with pb, and milk all for breakfast. You would eat pizza, pita wraps, go to panera, document your legit snacks. One night you had chicken on pasta with red sauce. I can give you an example on august 9 you for once had a what looks like pratical portion of chicken More, you told us about boosts. NOW NOT SO MUCH!!!!! why do you eat less now if your at a healthy weight you should be eating like you did earlier but minus boosts, this is small amount even without exercise. PLease look over your earlier posts. Sometimes in recovery we can go up one back 2, and then back 2 looks normal and up 1(where we were in the beginning) looks scary so we compensate and eat less. PLease dont deny or avoid this, tell me your thoughts, tell us all your thoughts!!!!!!! Your right some people do need more or less than others and we should not compare but your eating WAY LESS now when you were not even exercising!!!! WE are worried, we care for you!

Anonymous said...

I've been following and commenting from the beginning and I can't any longer. Your comments at the end of this post were COMPLETELY false. You aren't in recovery and -I dont even know the word. You have readers who have eds, there is NO WAY a person can sustain on what you post. Your body might have a slow metabolism because of your ed and I think you are trying to lose weight and therefore wont eat more. I am so angry right now and I have consistently supported you. you disregard the comments from bloggers who were sticking w/ you-actually I'm done. Best of luck and to new readers, please read Jenna's blog from the beginning because then you will see why the comments are being made. and NO ONE can sustain life on what she eats. I'm sorry girl but enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

I guess I havent been reading a lot of the comments of other people. I see what they are saying, but at the same time I have been where you have been at one point in my life. I had a lot of people I cared about and other people I didnt know telling me things in such a negative way. The things that hurt me most are how hard people came down on me and reinforcing things in such harsh ways. All I needed was someone to be there for me on the 'journey', to be examples of strength and normal eating...but the biggest thing is, that I learned that it has to click with YOU. No one else can really make that click or change in your head but yourself. Until then you need support, and Im here to give it if you need it. Eat the most you can and the best you can...and one day, things will click, I know you are on your way there. The title of your blog isnt jenna's 'recovery' it is Jenna's 'Journey' and I think you are on your journey to finding out just what recovery means. You'll get there, I know you will...keep the faith girl. You got this.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the above :) its your journey girl and I'm here to support you!


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