Gingerbread Contest

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Happy Humpday! Sorry for such the late post tonight but my friends and I were taking care of some major in participating in the Gingerbread House Contest held at my school each year! I know you are all quite jealous of me but hold all of your excitement in ;) So every year my college hosts a Gingerbread Contest in our cafeteria. They provide us with everything from the gingerbread to all the yummy candy! It is probably one of the best events here at school and it gets wicked intense. This year three of my friends and I made a sailboat and we had so much fun!

My Humpday started out with a yogurt mess of Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, a sliced banana, and some Teddie's pb all mixed together with some milk on the side.
For lunch I had a turkey sandwich on WHOLE WHEAT BREAD instead of a wrap! That's a change, right?! I had turkey, swiss cheese, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes. Along with my sandwich I had a Red Delicious apple and a serving of pretzels along with a glass of milk. But I do not have a picture of my lunch because my roomie was in the room :(

Dinner tonight was broiled chicken, mixed veggies, a Harvest dinner roll with a touch of oats, and a glass of milk.

So to recap my night, here are some pictures from the contest...

"The Girlfriends" was our team name ;)and this is what we built!The aftermath.

everyone!pretty Christmas tree in the dining hall.Hope ya enjoyed some of the pics I took tonight and I will leave you with a picture of my sparklin' stocking I promised to show ya.

But now I got to go study my butt of tonight for my Biochemistry Test tomorrow :/ Wish me luck :)


Anonymous said...

those houses are ADORABLE! that looks like so much fun!! what a great time with yo girls!! i want to make dinner for you.. do you get bored with the cafeteria food? gah id go cuh-razy! good for you for switchin up yo sandwich routine! the body LOVES variation :)

Devan Geselle. N said...

oh I love gingerbread houses! so much fun :)
your creation is fantastic!!

good luck on your test!

Anonymous said...

good luck on your test!
the gingerbread house looks AWESOME- i'm seriously impressed :)
& girl, i'm soo glad u said you are going to be more honest on your will seriously make me want ot read even more then i already do! keep making changes, it will honestly just make ua stronger person


Jessica said...

that is so well made, i love it

Katey said...

AW your gingerbread house is so cute! and good job going out of your comfort zone for lunch :)

Anonymous said...

omg what a fun contest! I love it!

Looks like tons of work though. Im so impatient with things like that.

Anonymous said...

my school's gingerbread contest is tonight!! :)

Missy said...

Such cute houses!! That is so fun! I want to make one!

Anonymous said...

those little candy crabs are so cute!!! very creative. :)

Jamie Walker said...

OMG, we do gingerbread house making parties every Christmas..we've been doing since we were little kids and the fun never ends. Now we just add a little wine to the mix. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound like a negative nellie, but girl-where is your PB at breakfast? It is odd that your lunch isn't pictured and honestly, wheat bread isn't a change up from the wrap. I would like to see you have the full wrap (it's clear your wraps are "altered"). A change would be, for you I think doing your meal plan for one day. You don't even have a full serving of cereal in your yogurt mess. Come on girl. Give it a go. Try it. We've been there and we know it sucks. But, it gets better. It doesn't get better lying to yourself (and others). You need to change up your breakfast or look at it in exchanges. Did you meet with your nutritionist while you were home? You said you were going to. Hope so. It is NECESSARY! Nutrits give the permission we sometimes don't feel we can give ourselves. You have a LOT of people in your corner. What has Karen said? Your family? If we know you are struggling, they must. be real girl and feed yourself. We are here to help you through it.

Jenna said...

hey anon!
i said in my blog post that i did have pb mixed into my yog mess, if you read it!
and i defintely think wheat bread is a switch up instead of a wrap, maybe not for you but for me it is.
i do enjoy my yogurt messes at breakfast and they are perfect for me while at college!
i also said that i am going to try and be more honest on my blog, so i hope you understand!
thanks, jenna

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