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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello beauties! Happy Saturday :) I am glad you all liked my Christmas decorations around my house in my last post ;)

Well last night as you all know my dad took me to the Boston Celtics game! So here is a lil brief recap of the night.
After two hours of traffic we finally arrive in Beantown, when it should have only taken us 45 minutes max! Daddio was not a happy camper, hah. Gotta love Friday traffic!

I love that dirty water, 'Oh oh,
Boston, you're my home.

Here are some pics for ya'll to enjoy!
8 rows away from the court=ahh-mazing seats :)the awesome tickets!You cannot go to a Celtics game and not see any famous celebs! I mean, let's be real. Last night at the game Billy Costa from Matty in the Morning from Kiss 108 FM was there!Donnie Wahlberg was also at the game as well! Ya know, from New Kids on the Block! He is the guy in the middle with the black hat on being interviewed! So it was pretty cool seeing both these celebs at the game.

Even though the Celts ended up losing 97-96 it was a great game and a nice daddy daughter date ;) Like my girl Janetha would say, ya win some, ya lose some
So I must get onto other important my EATS! I will tell you I was very scared as to what I was going to eat at the game because honestly when you think of going to any sporting event the food is most likely not going to be the dogs, burgers, popcorn, nachos, pizza, candy, & ice cream, you have all been to some sort of sporting event so you get the picture.

I was thinking about bringing my own food for dinner but then I said NO! I knew that was not really normal and I was determined to find something at the game I could eat. I mean I could have really eaten anything at the game, but it would probably not have been what I wanted.

After we got situated in our seats, I headed around the arena to find something to eat. It only took me a few minutes before I saw Pile High Deli and all of a sudden I felt a huge sense of relief. I got myself so hyped up and nervous over nothing!

They sold all types of delicious wraps but since I had turkey for lunch I decided I would try the Grilled Veggie Wrap on a spinach wrap with a side of fruit. It looked very good so I decided to give it a try and let me tell you it was delicious! My wrap was stuffed with grilled zucchini, red peppers, romaine lettuce, sprouts, cheese with a spicy sauce. And not to forget but they also had milk there too! It was too good to be true. So I grabbed a milk chug to have along with my wrap and fruit. It was like this place knew I was coming to the game, I kid I kid.

But I must tell you I really learned something after this little experience I had. I learned not to freak myself out over what food is going to be available for me to eat. I am always going to be able to find SOMETHING to eat.

Once I got home I made sure I had an evening snack of a Vanilla Boost and then went to bed. I was very tired after a fun night and slept like a lil baby last night!

This morning I had a yogurt mess. I swear this is a different pic from yesterday! I had Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt with some Barbara's Original Puffin lovin, an overripe naner, and Crazy Richard's creamy pb all mixed together with a glass of milk on the side.
Isn't this banana too cute? Hah.All mixed up. I am looking at these pics and my bowls are really very B-O-R-I-N-G! Perhaps I should get some new bowls for my yogurt messes...I think so!

Which brings me to tell you I have yet to do ANY of my Christmas shopping! But tonight my girl Claire and I are heading to the Natick Mall to do some major shopping. Yes I know, I am one of those people going to the mall on the BUSIEST shopping day of the year! What can I say.

So I am currently looking on-line and making a list of everything I need to buy so my shopping will be super productive! We will also be going out to eat tonight again! I am trying to keep calm and not get so nervous like I did last night.

I will fill you in on all my Christmas shopping and eats tomorrow :) Have a great Saturday night and have fun at all those Holiday parties!

Have you started/finished your Christmas shopping yet?...You know my answer ;)



Kristine @ purple pinky toes said...

You mean the Natick Collection? Hahaha, I kid, I kid. I still call it the Natick Mall too! Love it!

Jenna said...

haha yes kristine!

Meg said...

Duuuude what BADASS SEATS! You're so lucky.

Enjoy your shopping girl! I'm freakin' snowed in over here! Text me later if ya want!

Much love!

Jenna said...

of course i will text ya latahh ;)

Anonymous said...

Hm, interesting that the day after you go out to eat there is coincidentally no peanut butter visible on your yogurt mess.

Jenna said...

i am pretty sure there WAS peanut butter in my yogurt mess this morning, crazy richard's pb in fact!

Anonymous said...

I think you could use more than a side of fruit with dinner, your gaining!!! Also a veggie wrap. where is the protein!!!

Jenna said...

like i said i was working with arena food, not always to easiest!
i had my whole veggie wrap and it did have cheese in it, a whole side of fruit,and a 14 oz. milk chug.
i would like to tell you it was the BEST i could do while ate the game considering the limited options they served!
i would love to know what YOU thought i should have done last night regarding my eats?!
i would really like your advice about eating out in hard situtions!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you say the place was called Pile HIgh Deli?? How about add some turkey to that wrap. Maybe get a side of chips, the deli provides that.

findinghappinessandhealth said...

that wrap sounds amazing!! im glad you didnt bring your own food, jenna. & seriously that is a big step girl.

anonymous- you are being ridiculous. first of all, if you have recommendations for jenna on her eating you should either not be anonymous and explain your thoughts in a nicer manner, or e-mail her as not to make her feel embarrassed. you should know that the last thing girls with eating disorders need is someone to criticize them. i'm really disappointed in the way you are addressing the situation. jen, love you girl!!


Anonymous said...

Are you still working out??? If so maybe post about what u do? As someone who is in recovery, what kind of a workout do you do?

moretolifethanlettuce said...

That is so awesome that you decided not to bring your own food to the game! How...normal! I'm glad the veggie wrap worked out for ya. Fun game, gotta love the celeb sightings. I have the same issue with my food pics, but yours don't look boring to me! Get some fun new bowls anyways just to treat yourself :)

liveloveeatandplay said...

Looks like a fun time at the game. I miss living in Boston. Hope you had fun at the Natick Collection, I love it there!

Anonymous said...

To the anon to is so kindly trying to get through to Jenna-read past comments, she likely won't address what you are asking, or you might find yourself saying the same thing again and again.

And to Shelley, some of do use our names and have emailed Jenna, if shes going to have a food blog, and ed recovery blog she should be able to accept support in the form of comments and be genuine, or at least to a degree.

Elisabeth said...

Hey Jenna! I've been reading your blog for awhile but haven't commented yet. I've also been in ED recovery for about a year now, so I know how hard it can be!!

Please don't take this as a form of criticism, but I was looking at your older posts and it definitely does seem like you've regressed in your progress recently. Like I said, it's not a criticism, just an observation- and something I can definitely relate to! I really hope you can acknowledge to yourself that you have lost some progress, because it's so important to get well again!

You've been asking for a lot of advice on how to switch things up or overcome "fear foods," and I wanted to share with you an experience I had that really gave me a wake-up call. I'm 21 and have a 14 year old sister who watched me wither away and has seen the progress I've made in recovery. She's just coming into the age where girls are super conscious of their bodies, and I remember one time about six months ago when I picked her up from camp and took her for ice cream. She ordered a cookie-dough milkshake, and when my turn came, I ordered the "safest" thing on the menu- a small nonfat froyo. She looked at the girl taking our order and told her she wanted to change her milkshake to a froyo too, and when I asked her why, she said, "Well, I don't want to be fat, either."

Wow. I finally realized that I wasn't just getting better for myself, I was getting better to set a healthy example for her. You've mentioned that you have two younger sisters who probably admire you, and I know you wouldn't want them to think it's "cool" to have an ED. Yes, it's hard to eat the same meal as the rest of the family, but if I can prevent her from developing an ED too, every pound is worth it.

Sorry for the length of this post, I hope I gave you a new perspective and a good motivation to keep getting better!

Merry Christmas! xo Lis

Nutritious is Delicious said...

haha! I have NOT finished Christmas shopping yet...need to hop on that!!

Your banana is too cute! ;)

So glad the game went well! Looks like so much fun! :D

ktbwood said...

haha girl you are soooo cute!! wow sorry about the anonymous losers that need to get a life-dont worry about them.
im so glad you stepped out of your comfort zone, went to that game, and had dinner. you GO girl.
have fun shopping lova!! i SOO need to get on the ball w. my christmas shopping!

Kate G. said...

Whoever is posting anon on the post is NOT being helpful or giving constructive criticism and it's REALLY NOT OKAY.

Jenna i think you're improving with your honesty in your posts! Keep talking about your struggles, i think considering the current state of your ED you did a good job making a relatively healthy decision at the game. Yes i think you could have branched out a bit more, but seeing your honesty lately i think that was hard enough so good for you.

I really really hope you are not working out at the last anon suggested though... however it was a rude way to ask i think most people that read your blog hope you are not working out right now.

nattietan said...

Aww I'm so glad you had fun at the game and challenged yourself with eating out! You're so right in saying that there is always something available for us to eat no matter where we are. =)

I've kinda started on X'mas shopping and then the other day, I went out and I ended up getting pre-occupied with shopping for myself. Lol. But thankfully, nothing really caught my fancy so I didn't buy much apart from a few basic tops. I've still got a few presents to buy now though but I'm crossing my fingers that the shopping malls won't be too busy this week... although I highly doubt so. =S


livelaughlove said...


I am an adoring reader, and I just wanted to chime-in to let you know how awesome it was of you to eat how you did at the game last night. Please do not let ONE anonymous reader make you feel like your achievement was not enough~ clearly they do not understand the mental aspect of having an eating disorder. You could very easily have skipped dinner due to fear, or skipped breakfast this morning to compensate for not knowing the exact nutrition of your wrap last night... The fact that you did neither of those two is so admirable in itself! Forget what your meal didn't have- you did amazingly in an insecure situation, and you did it with confidence! Beating ED is one step at a time and PleAsE know that even though there are people trying to cause bumps in the road of your recovery journey, that there are dozens more of us pushing you over and through those road blocks. Please stay strong, and use your month at home to take huge strides in your fight against ED.

<3 Deirdre

Anonymous said...

to that first not cool the way you are handling it! seriously, if you want to say something to jenna directly, EMAIL her it's PRIVATE and dont make a scene, thats not right to do. what's your point in accusing her and telling her what to do? first of all you arent doing it in the right way AT ALL and there are much better ways to go about it. if you are worried about her, there are better ways of expressing it.

Jenna said...

thank you for all your sweet comments and all your support!!


Jenna said...

and to the anon comments,
i know you have emailed me a lot and i do apprectiate all your help you have given me but ultimately it sis up to ME to make the changes, fix the problems, and work hard!
i understand all you anon commentors are just trying to get your point across and sometimes it just has to be a lil harsh!

Lo said...

Anthropologie has awesome bowls that I wanna buy for my oats n such! check em out.

ps. the wahlbergs are hotties. IDC how old they are ;)


Susan said...

That's so cool you got to see one of the New Kids!!! Donny was actually my favourite when I was a kid :)

I used to be one of those crazy people who would have brought a "safe" meal to a game with me too. But now I'm determined to eat like a "real" person, which means going with the flow and eating whatever is available in the moment! I do however always travel with a granola bar and apple in my purse. You never know when you may get stuck somewhere and the hunger beast will strike ;)

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Oh my gosh the game looked like so much fun!

Mari said...

thank you for stopping by my blog! I love yours =)

yuuuuuuuums I love that yogurt mess. I have not had puffins in forever, I need to make a trip to TJ's soon

Erica said...

Thats so fun that you went to the game with your dad! I grew up in Boston and do miss that dirty water a bit ;). Glad you found a tasty dinner option and your snack afterwards looks awesome (love a good yogurt mess). Happy Sunday!

PS I hate the whole anon commenter thing. I contemplate not allowing people to comment anon on my blog.....

tatiannalives said...

I am sooooo proud of you for NOT packing food and opting to eat out at the game ;) That is such a huge step and you conquered it amazingly!

Stay strong!

*Naomi* said...

your;re from boston?!?! me too!! (did I not know this before?!)

yay celts looks like you had such a great time!!

I don't celebrate xmas so no xmas shopping for me!
stay warm girl!

Jenna said...

haha yupp naomi! i sure am from the boston area :)

Julie said...

Jenna-I didn't mention this awhile ago, but you had a post that was listed as 'anon' and signed by you and then it was gone. I wanted to ask you if it was you because it was suspicous. Now with all of these comments I wish I had asked you earlier. It seems you get more "traffic" in your comment area when there is some sort of "drama". You still don't acknowledge any of the people who give you feedback from the heart, like Deidre or Liss. It's too bad.


Katie said...

Julie I noticed that also. I'm glad you said something and Jenna I'm glad you posted this comment. It would be nice if you would acknowledge the support people are giving you. If you have a problem with the anon comments, maybe you should write a post addressing it-a real post. Just a thought. I've wanted to comment but wasn't sure how receptive you'd be.


Solomon Hogan said...

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