Yes to babysitting!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hello lovies! Happy Humpday :) Hope your Wednesday has been good thus far!

I am writing this post from my new iPhone so bear with me! It is a bit harder and takes longer to post than on my laptop! But I must say I loveeee my iPhone! Any of you beauties out there own iPhones and if you do how do you like them?!

Today my aunt texted me to babysit and I immediately responded back within seconds to say YES!! I love babysitting, especially these cousins in particular because they are a bit older so they are easier to watch, and they pay very well ;) Well I wouldn't even say I watch them (well I do!) but ya know what I mean! We relax and play games like guitar hero and/or Wii! My cousin loves to bake so I am sure she will bribe me into baking something! I will let ya know what she plans on making tonight!

Plus as a college student who loves to spend money I can never turn down a babysitting jig!

I will most likely be over here late tonight so I will have lots of time to catch up on your lovely blogs!

Have a great night! How are you spending your Wednesday night?



sprinkledwithcinnamon said...

I love babysitting too! Especially if the kids are cool, the house is fab, and the money is good! Plus there is no taxing on that income! Definitely a preferable way to make money over retail (well at least the retail I've worked ;D) Have fun and bake something tasty!
Sara said...

ah I could use about 100 babysitting jobs right now! Have fun!
and I have an iphone as well (got it in June) and I love it! Its wayyy to addicting, Im on it constantly. Its bad!

Jess said...

Have fun, babe! I'm sure it'll go great. Sounds like fun!
<3 jess

nutritionnut said...

Did Santa bring you the iPhone? How fun! As a college student too, I take whatever baby-sitting jobs I can get - devils or not ; )

~ Hillary @ Nutrition Nut on the Run (don't miss my GIVEAWAY!)

Lo said...

babysitting is the shit. I love making 60 bucks while watching tv and getting on the internet. simply fabulous. enjoy ur night girl!


moretolifethanlettuce said...

I love babysitting! Well, most of the time. Unless the kids have had too much sugar earlier in the day...I love my iPhone! Seriously my life will never be the same, i love it so much! Cool that you're blogging from yours!

findinghappinessandhealth said...

hope you are doing well! have a great new years

JMay said...

Babysitting is the best job ever :-)


Really cute blog you have!

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