Turkey Gobbler

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good Morning! It is Tuesday and you know what that means, only two more days until Thanksgiving!
Ok so my computer decided to be nice this morning and let me upload my dinner eats from last night. I had broiled chicken, green beans with mint, and a HUGE country roll (I was not kidding when I said huge) with milk.

On Tuesday and Thursdays I usually start my day with breakfast and then have three classes in a row. But today since my second class was cancelled I decided to wait to have breakfast until after my first class.I was in the mood for some cereal, well not just any cereal, but some protein cereal, but not just any protein cereal but some Honey Almond Protein Cereal. I apologize for my wicked blurry pics but my camera was definitely on the wrong setring, clearly!I had a bowl of Honey Almond Protein Cereal, with milk, topped with a sliced banana, and Teddie's peanut butter. This was the second time trying this cereal and I must say I absolutely LOVE Kay's Naturals! The cereal is very light and fluffy with a great taste, you can really taste the yummy honey almond flavor. The first time I had French Vanilla and loved the flavor. I still have one more flavor to try, Apple Cinnamon. I am excited to try the last flavor but will be very sad once it is all gone :(Ok so my college is very much into the holidays and my caf decorates the dining hall very nicely for each holiday. I love it! It totally gets me into the Holiday spirits!

For Thanksgiving, the dining hall sells pies, cheesecakes, and turkey gobblers! Last year I purchased a bunch of pies and cheesecakes to bring home for Thanksgiving and they were amazing! I already purchased a turkey gobbler which is a Dinner Roll centerpiece. It is a bunch of rolls put together in the shape of a turkey, can you see it? It is so cute :) This year again I will also buy some pies and cheesecakes once my mom gets here to pick me up to go home!

Well I am off to one more class and then my Thanksgiving Break officially begins! Next time I post I will be home sweet home :) Catch ya later lovies!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?


findinghappinessandhealth said...

have a great break! & that cereal looks good :)
your cafeteria sounds soo much better than minee
& i love stuffing and pumpkin pie


Megan said...

My favorite Thanksgiving food is apple pie!

Do you have a game plan for thanksgiving? Are you going to be able to eat a variety of foods??

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Julia said...

No Thanksgiving here! (Europe...) But enjoy it, also a bit for me;)

Don't wanna be mean, but maybe it's better to have something before and after a class the next time. Going/doing things without fueling beforehand isn't too healthy, especially not in your situation...You should remember that, because you're worth it!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

Jess said...

That cereal sounds great! Peanut butter makes ANYTHING better :D

My favorite thanksgiving food? Hmmm...I love turkey! I just love pretty much everything though ;)

<3 jess

Carly in Wonderland said...

That is one thing i love about st a's, the decorating. My favorite is Christmas time because they go all out! My favorite thanksgiving food is pumpkin flavored coffee! Does that count? I guess that isnt really a food.... maybe fruit tarts! yum! best desert ever. Hope you have a good one girl- challenge yourself!! Thanksgiving can be rough- or amazing. :) Text me. Love you

ktbwood said...

i love that cereal!! i LOVE mac and cheese..my gma makes the best homemade EVA!

*Naomi* said...

that turkey shaped bread is awesome!

enjoy your thanksgivnig!


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