Italiano Night

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ciao! I can't believe this Thanksgiving break is almost coming to an end :( Tomorrow morning Mama will be driving me back up to school. I had a great time at home with my family. Although there was a few ups and downs here and there, for the most part it was great :)
Breakfast this morning was the same old yogurt mess I had all the other mornings here while I was home, TJ's Plain yogurt, Puffins, and a sliced banana with a glass of milk on the side but it went unpictured. I was debating whether or not to have a yogurt mess or oatmeal, since I found some oats in the kitchen cabinets! I had no idea we had them, but I was happy to know we did! But in the end I went for the yogurt mess. I really wished I had switched it up just one morning :/ I am very indecisive and it is really hard for me to try new things and switch up my eats. Any helpful ideas?
Oats I found in the kitchen cabinet! I didn't know we had them!
At noon I went to my lil sister's basketball game where she kicked some butt, I think she had ten points! I am so proud of her :) Then I came home to have some lunch (which also went unpictured). I had a turkey sandwich on Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Soft 100% Whole Wheat Bread Mama picked up for me at the grocery store. This was the first time having this bread. Overall I thought this bread was good and very soft just like the package said. Although nothing compares to my love Arnold's ;) I also paired my lunch with a Gala apple and some pretzels with a glass of milk.
Now on to the FUN part of the day when I baked my first ever SPAGHETTI SQUASH! After looking at several different recipes on-line I finally decided on one from Food Network. I always go there when I don't know how to make something and it never let's me down!
So here is what I did:Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees and cut the squash in half lengthwise and scraped out all the seeds inside. It reminded me a lot like carving a pumpkin!This is what they should look like after all the seeds are out.Place the squash facedown on a pan filled with about 1/2 cup water and cook for 3o minutes.This is what they looked like after cooking in the oven for 30 minutes. Oh Em Gee I must tell you, the smell was unbelievable!The spaghetti squash looked so good I wanted to eat it right away. I waited for the squash to cool down until I started to scrape the strands from the inside.You can't tell me that does not look good! I was kind of hesitant of scraping the insides out of the squash because I didn't know how it was going to come out but it came out great. I took a kitchen fork and scraped all the insides out. A small whole spaghetti squash will yield a TON of cooked squash! Trust me. I stored all my spaghetti squash in a Tupperware container until I was ready to eat dinner. I also cooked a slice of Perfect Portions Perdue Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast while I cooked my squash.
I have noticed cooking and preparing my meals ahead of time and then refrigerating them works better for me because when the time comes to eat I just want something quick and easy to make. So by making it ahead of time, when I am ready to eat I already have a nice healthy meal to heat up, eat, and enjoy :)
When I was ready to eat dinner all I had to do was heat up some spaghetti squash topped with a lil marinara sauce with a cut up sliced chicken breast on top. It was quick and easy, perfect! I also had a glass of milk with my dinner. The spaghetti squash was INCREDIBLE and I will definitely be making it again sometime soon! It was just like eating pasta but except for it was was SPAGHETTI SQUASH! It was so yummy and I recommend you try it soon if you have not yet! My mom also cooked a homemade lasagna! Half of it was cooked with ground lean meat but the other was cooked with just cheese, since my younger sisters don't really like meat. They are EXTREMELY picky eaters!
Well I must press POST before my computer dies on me! I hope you have a great Sunday night and a great end to your Thanksgiving break :)


ktbwood said...

homemade lasanga!! yumm!! did you have some? that looks aweesome :)
and i heart spaghetti squash! true that-it makes SO much

Katey said...

I eat oatmeal every.single.morning. (at least in the winter) I normally have a 1/2 cup portion, a tablespoon of peanut butter... and another "carb" whether it be an apple, a cereal bar, or kashi honey sunshine! try it.. i looooooooove it!

findinghappinessandhealth said...

that homemade lasagna looks so good! & you should just switch it up- it will make your life & recovery so much better.

Anonymous said...

Where are your carbs for dinner? Or did you have the lasagne too?

Girl, I'm worried...Hope you're gonna take the PB again for breakfast. And switch things up WITHOUT compensating!

hazelnuthorizons said...

oatmeal is always always good with pb! I love putting raisins and cinnamon in mine as well. and almonds. and crasins... i could keep going but really jut let your creativity come up with ideas for oats. they are all delish!

lizzy said...

i LOVE spaghetti squash, yummm yours looks so delicious! So glad to hear you had a great time at home chica! I hope you have a safe drive back to school!! xoxo!

lisaou11 said...

glad you like the spag squash! I love it. Except its so hard to stinkin cut!

Anonymous said...

I have to second anonymous, it seems pretty clear you are cutting back on a meal plan that looks WAY too small to begin with. I don't want to feed your ED by saying this, but you really should try and get an appointment with a nutritionist and set up something. Reading what you eat daily, is honestly like reading someone who is in the throes of anorexia, not recovery. It is concerning because you sound like you think it is enough. Where are your fats at dinner? Lunch? the PB for breakfast? Is that ALL you had for dinner? Snacks? I wouldn't usually ask all this but you put it out there that you wanted some help and have been having ups and downs. I think you have to be honest with yourself and even with your readers because it sounds like you think you are taking in enough and you really aren't. I can't imagine you are even maintaining on this. Hopefully you can talk to your mom or someone, it sounds like you have a close family. Maybe check in with your counselor at school.

Jenna said...

of course i had some of my momma's lasagna, i had a piece of the meat lasagna with my spaghetti squash.
lasagna and pasta are some of my fear foods so to start i just began to incorporate a little lasagna into my meal with the spaghetti squash qith chicken and i also had a slice of italian bread :) mmmm!
i just wanted to make it CLEAR i do NOT post everything i eat on my blog! i have for the most part just posting my meals but i DEFINITELY have snacks through the day!

Jenny said...

even if you don't post all of your eats (which I sincerely hope is true because what you post is certainly not enough to gain, let alone MAINTAIN!) what you do post is still lacking. You need the peanut butter in your breakfast, honey - and it's REALLY concerning me that I haven't seen it there any more.

What kind of snacks do you eat in addition to what you show on the blog?

Please try not to shun the other bloggies that are trying to help you. We care and are concerned and want to help you in whatever way possible! I know you want to be strong and make it seem as though everything is going well but sometimes you need to be honest with yourself. It's OKAY to ask for help sometimes and I think you will feel a lot better about everything if you do. We're all here for you girl. Please, let us help.

Casey said...

Glad you were able to tackle a little bit of your fear foods, every step in the right direction is a HUGE step.
I think people have been asking about snacks for awhile so glad to see someone asked and you commented, I was going to ask.

Also, I was just wondering -you were asking for support about how to incorporate things/stay on track so I think that was why people felt they could comment to you.
PS I've been reading just haven't commented before. I hope you can keep challenging yourself at school.

Jenna said...

thanks girls for all of your concerns with me! and by no means i am shunning people away! i truly appreciate all the help and support you give me each day :)
snacks i eat during the day sometimes include boost, trail mix, and typically any type of bar! i enjoy eating bars because they are soo many flavors and different brands to choose from and they are all tasty! and they are also quick and an easy snack to grab and go!

p.s. would it be helpful if i posted my snacks?! it is just hard sometimes because i usually eat them during class and i can't always snap a picture of them!

Anonymous said...

just be honest with us! i mean if u dont eat snacks or are struggling, thats what we're here for!!!! :-) but if u are, just give us the heads up!

Jenny said...

I would love to see some of the snacks you eat throughout the day - if possible, of course. I'm sorry for being so imposing and all up in your business - but like I said, I'm worried, and just want to make sure your doing okay!

Have you talked to Karen about your meals and such? how does she think your doing? She'd know better than I would!

Jenna said...

omg girl jenny! don't feel like you are imposing at all! i loveeee all your support :)

Kiersten said...

Hey Jenna, I have to agree with everything Ms. Jenny and other said. It is so great so many people care and are concerned. Use this as a chance to get the support you need. It's not easy and we are all in this boat-some on different ends-together. I would definitely love to see your snacks and honestly think you need more in your meals-but hopefully you can sort that out. I know you say that you'll have breakfast and sleep and then run to class -so I think people's concern about your snacks/the amount of your meals is ONLY because you are so forthcoming and therefore you have a lot of people who want to support you. I hope you can talk to Karen. All of these comments just come from places of concern-Kiersten
PS I know snacks are the hardest thing to incorporate once they are taken out-as Jenny said, please lean on us and also your team.

Jess said...

Hey Jenna! Way to go for challenging yourself with the lasagna! It's foods like that that make us feel good :) Nice and comforting!

If snapping pictures of your snacks/other eats is not possible/convenient, then how about just saying them? Not necessarily all of them! But maybe just say: I also had some bread and some of mom's lasagna on the side, unpictured"

It helps us not to worry--cuz we care about you so much!
<3 jess

Anonymous said...

I think we all know that you need support, and we are offering it (too bad we are now becoming "anonymous") it is frustrating you can't be honest. We've all been there, are there, hopefully won't be there-Jenna, your blog used to sound like you were writing it, now it just seems like "ed" is writing it, or maybe not "ed" but -it's changed. You have more support and encouragement then I can imagine and you don't acknowledge it. It is hard to realize you need help but I read the comments and it is OK to need help, these people care, we care. So-stop. Write a post from the heart. No one will judge-honestly, write as you, and be true. Because when you aren't yourself, or (maybe Ed) something is clouding your perception, it is clear to those who understand.
I hope you take this as a positive, I didn't leave my name but I won't be commenting any longer because I feel your blog is giving your ed more power-I want to help you but I read the comments and posts and I think your ed is thriving off the comments. I ho9pe I am wrong. please think. Be well. Try some ham-it's good. Eggs are good.

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