Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yes that is right, tonight I am going to play BINGO! I am pretty sure my college is the only one who hosts Bingo, hah! But I must tell you I went last year as a freshman and it is a BIG deal. The prizes are redic, like iPods and Wii Fits, hollah! You can count me in. I love playing Bingo except for the fact that I have bad luck and I never win :( Perhaps tonight might be my lucky night? Wish me luck!
I don't have pics of my breakfast AND my lunch. I know, such a bad blogger :/ I will admit it today. But I have to tell you my roomie went to bed wicked early because she did not feel well and then this morning she felt worse. So she was still sleeping while I got ready for my morining classes and then when I got back from all of my classes for lunch she was still sleeping, so I could not really snap pics of my food. I wanted her to get some rest like the good roommate I am. She actually went to Health Services this morning and they are sending her home.
I just hope I won't get sick just in time for Thanksgiving! I will be febrezing, cleaning, and airing out my room later on tonight to get rid of all the germs! Oh and I will also be using lots of Purell, not that I don't use enough as it is ;)
So since I don't have pics of my breakfast and lunch I decided to give you a lilttle extra of my dinner pics to make up for my slacking!
Dinner was broiled chicken, carrots and green beans, a Harvest bun, and Lactaid milk.

Well I am leaving super early for Bingo to get a good seat with my friends! Ahh I can't wait! It is going to be so much fun. I am like a little old lady excited about Bingo! Hah.

But don't worry I will be back in time for Grey's tonight. I can't believe it is already Thursday night. This week definitely flew by. Anyone else with me?

Do you enjoy Bingo?!


Katie said...

haha I love Bingo! It is strangely addictive, I've always loved it :D

andshesoff said...

i know you may feel uncomfortable replying to my last comment, but i've struggled with ED for many years and am recovered! i'd love to talk to you and help pull you out! xoxoxox - e-mail me :)

ktbwood said...

haha ive never played! thats hilarious! have fun girl!

Anonymous said...

Please think about my comment yesterday girl (and the comment last week) can get out of this, it's worth it!

Nutritious is Delicious said...

OMG! we have a bingo hall nearby and my friends and I always joke about how we should go chill with the old ladies! haha I love Bingo, but like you, I don't have good luck usually! Wishing you all the best! however, if you win a wii fit, I'm going to have to ask that you surrender it to me! ;)

p.s. Frozen bananas ROCK! I know some people put them in the food processor to make "banana ice cream", but I just chop them up, put them in a zip loc and use them in my yogurt or atop a toasty waffle! Creamy, cold and totallllly delicious! :D

momentanew said...

Too funny! Good luck!

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