What a Run!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What a Run!

Good evening! I am so happy this day is coming to an end because Friday is tomorrow, and I am going HOME on Saturday :) I am so excited. I haven't been home since I got to school in late August. So I am thrilled it is only 2 days away! Also, my mom has been giving me the up to date status on all of my packages I keep receiving at home. I think I am up to 8 she says! What what?! That is also something I am looking forward to as well ;)

This morning again I was a bit rushed eating my breaky. I always think I have more time on Tuesday and Thursday mornings than I really do! I got up and showered and then began to eat and then realized I had a little less than 10 minutes to scarf down my yummy yogurt mess ( I would have much rather enjoyed every bite and taken my time but oh well). It takes a bit longer getting ready for the day with a roomie, ya know?!

But anyways enough rambling, I think I just need to get up a few minutes earlier! My yogurt mess that I had to scarf down was Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, a a banana, and a scoop of Teddie's peanut butter with milk. Now someone commented a few days back saying they like the idea of how I put milk in my yogurt?! Now, I would just like to clarify I DO NOT do that! When I mean I have milk with my breakfast I mean I have a glass of milk. You can sometimes see the milk with my breakfast in my pics. Look out for it next time ;)

This morning I had three classes, Sociology, Biblical Theology, and Biochemistry. I think my Biochem test went very well (knock on wood) and I am happy it is over. Now tomorrow I just have my Philosophy Midterm which I have to study for tonight!

Lunch was a smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, with pretzels, a Red Delicious, and milk.

This afternoon I took a nice deserved nap! I slept for about an hour and then I woke up so confused. I totally thought it was Friday and that I missed my Philisophy test, I was so lost and confused. That is why I dislike naps a bit. I always wake up clueless. But luckily my roomie assured me it was still Thursday and we had lalcrosse practice at 5. Phew!

Today at practice we went on a RUN! Yes, we went on a run I tell you. What's a run I ask myself?! Since I haven't run (long distance) since early March if I can remember. About seven months, can you believe that?! Now all through the summer I wasn't allowed to do any exercise, I mean I did light activites like reffing lacrosse but nothing too strenuous. But now for a few weeks I have been given the O-K to start practicing only a few days a week, which has been going well. But at practice we haven't really been doing any long runs, I mean in lacrosse you do short sprints so I have been able to keep up with that. So today when my coach told us we were going for a run, I was super nervous. I mean I haven't really run in soo long! I didn't know how my body was going to handle it or if I was going to be able to do it! So the run began and I felt soo good, it started up really well. Then the run soon got a bit harder and my quads began to hurt but I kept running. Now I DID NOT push myself! If I felt like I needed to slow down or walk I would have, trust me! But I must tell you I was able to keep up for the whole run. Mind you it was just a little run around campus, but it was the perfect distance for me to start off running :)

Oh and I must say I did better than a few girls! Not to brag or anything. But one of my teammates actually asked me if it felt good to be running again and I was like yeah! Then she said told me I was doing really well and I was kicking my @$$! So I was happy about that!

Dinner tonight was a piece of broiled chicken, vegetable blend, and an artisan dinner roll with milk.

Tonight will be spent studying away and watching Grey's obvs. Everyone have a nice Thursday night! Only one more work/school day until the weekend!
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Jenny said...

great job on the run girl! personally I have never been a runner (yoga is mah thaaaang) but I'm happy to hear your in a place in your recovery where you can be active and do these things again :) good news for you honey! Have a great weekend at home!

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you are getting to go home! I can't wait to hear whats inside your 8 packages!

Great job on the run! You are doing so great!

Devan Geselle. N said...

i am so proud of you and your run!! That must feel so great :D

your yorgut messes look yummay:)

good luck with studying!

Jess said...

Awesome run, girl! So proud of you!!

Way to go on your test!
Mmm, great greek yog mess!!
<3 jess

Anonymous said...

It will be so nice to visit home this weekend! What a great motivator to get you through your day tomorrow. :)

Congrats on the run! I bet it felt great to get back into your zone and truly enjoy it.


Pure2Raw twins said...

Congrats on your run! It is hard for me to get back into running when I take awhile off too. Good job though on not over doing it. I still have that problem sometimes! :)

Erica said...

Great job running chicky! Totally jealous of your nap...I haven't taken a nap in ages and they just make the day so much better. Have fun at home- can't wait to see all your package goodies

Naomi said...

awwwesome run, pretty lady!!!

yougurt mess looks like da bombbb, everyone always says 'oh it looks gross, btu its great' it NEVER looks gross, it always looks delicious!!!

good luck studying!!

Allison said...

EIGHT packages!?! You are one lucky girl! Awesome job on the run :) Hope you have a great time at home... it's always an even better trip when you haven't been home for a while!

Carly in Wonderland said...

yahoo!!!!! I'm so happy you are doing well enough to RUN!! ahhhhhh yay. Have fun at home girl.

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