Should I stay of should I go

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Should I stay or should I go
Okay so you all know where I go to when I need some advice...YOU GUYS! Since you are all such amazing people I come to you ;) So if you read my blog yesterday (which you should have anyways, hah) you found out that I got a new roomie BRITINI! Britini is only a freshman but she moved in with me because she is just cool like that ;) She is such a doll and I get along with her great. I am so glad she moved in with me. Plus, she has super cute style!

this is our dorm room! (my side on the right)

So here is a lil quick recap of last nights dinner. SALMON, Italian style green beans, Olive Dinner Roll (yes, I gave it another shot), and milk.close up of the salmon. The piece was HUGE and I was only able to eat a little less than half. Now the other night I tried the olive dinner roll for the first time and I hated it, it smelt like beer and olives, yuck :( But tonight I gave it another shot because they were all out of the yummy flax dinner rolls, and suprisingly it was quite tasty and didn't have an awful taste to it!

So now here is the situation. I am in a freshmen/sophomore dorm while most of all my other girl friends are in a all sophomore dorm. The lady at Res. Life told me early this week a spot has opened up in the sophomore dorm where all of my friends live! So I was excited to her the news! Sooo she asked me if I wanted to move in there! Well now that Britini just moved in with me and I love the dorm I am living in I don't know if I should stay here or move into the dorm where all of my friends live. It is such a hard decision and I would love it if I could get all of your avice on what you think would be best for your girl Jenna ;)

So while you are debating on what I should do you can look at some of my foodie pics! Breaky was a yogurt mess. Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, banana, and a scoop of Teddie's pb with milk.

Lunch was smoked turkey on a whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, pretzels, an apple, and milk.

So did I mention to you all it is absolutely freezing up here and it is only october 1st?! It is crazyyy. I can tell this winter is gonna be a long and cold one. Brrr. This afternoon I had lacrosse practice outside at 5 so it was bitterly cold out. But I geared up in my Under Armour and I was fine once I was RUNNING around. Yes, I can finally run (well at least two days a week). But hey it is better than nothing, right?

Right before practice I had half a Clif Bar to fuel me up before practice and I noticed that really helped :) I think fueling right before exercising really really helps! Practice was a lot better than last weekd (despite the cold weather). I felt more energized and it wasn't as hard as it was for me last week. My quads were very tight last week and it was really hard for me to run. But today was a lot better and it wasn't that hard running today. I was very happy! Probably tomorrow my legs will be sore, but I guess we will just have to wait and see ;)

Nighty night chicas! Remember to let me know what ya think I should do. I really appreciate all of your advice. I am off to finish up some homework then cuddle up in my warm bed and watch Grey's Anatomy!


Michelle said...

Hey Jenna! Cute room! I'd say stay where you are! Your amigas may be in another building, but at least they're still on campus with you! Plus, it seems like you and Brittni get along well and she just moved in, so maybe living with her will make your building lotsa fun! :)

Jess said...

To start off, that salmon looks CRAZY YUMMY!

I think you need to think about where YOU would be happiest. Where you would feel the most at home, most comfortable, nicer roommate, etc. It's up to you girl! Don't worry about hurting your new roomie's feelings--I'm sure she'll understand!!
<3 jess

Lindsay said...

That salmon looks really good! Your schools food looks pretty good, much better than my school had!

As far as moving, thats a tough choice. If you move will you have a roommate? Is it someone you know and think you will like living with? It sounds like you like your new roommate so if you aren't sure about the new one I would probably stay.

I was usualy in different buildings than my friends since I was an RA. In some ways I liked it. I could visit them but then when I needed to get stuff done or be away I had my place to go back to!

Devan Geselle. N said...

oooh thats a tough situation. Honestly, if I were in your shoes, i'd go to the sophmore dorms.. if its what you have been waiting for , go for it. dont let someone (as much as you love her) stand in your way, right?

yummy eats today! glad you liked your roll!

katecooks said...

i would just think about which living situation would make you happiest and go for it!!! living with all your friends could be sweet but it sounds like you are having fun with your new roomie too, no??

Emily said...

hey jenna!! i've re-entered the blog world so i thought i would stop by, say hi & let's be friends!!

as for your room situation...erg its a tough one, it is always good to get to know new people and you can always go visit your friends over in the dorm...and that way you don't have to stress about moving everything to a brand new room...

& how in the world do you get such amazing fish at school? i am super super jealous!!

Holly said...

hmmmm i would say write down a pros and cons list...i don't know the whole sitch, but that always helps me to see it on paper!

happy weekend!

p.s. YUMMY salmon!

The Apple Hill Adventurer said...

hi there! thanks for dropping by my blog!

that lunch looks great!

Jenny said...

aw tough call on the living sitch! I don't know if I can give you the best advice because I don't know how comofortable you are with where you're at or what the living arrangement would be like in the other dorm -- but I definitely agree with Holly -- pros and cons lists are life savors!

I did end up switching rooms last year and let me tell ya from experience, it is a painnnn moving all your stuff - and I only moved a few rooms down the hall! but If you think it'll be worth it then go for it babe! I'm sure your friends will help with the move anyways!

good luck figuring things out :)

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