Not so good oats

Friday, October 30, 2009

Not so good oats
I must admit I am have not master making oats yet :( So I need all the suggestions I can get. I have only made oatmeal once before and it was kind of an experimental trial, they tasted alright but were just a little bland.
But this morning when I made oatmeal I didn't even want to finish it, that's how bad it was :( I was very disappointed! I mixed a packet of Original Quaker oats, 2/3 cup water with 1 sliced Granny smith apple.
I put it into the microwave for a minute and a half and it came out like this...very soupy and not how I expected.I added a little Teddie's peanut butter to give it some more flavor but it was still very bland and had NO yummy taste whatsoever. This was the worst breakfast I have had in a long time. I think tomorrow I will be sticking to my yogurt mess which I know will be yummy. But I am still very willing to try more oatmeal mixes. So if you have any yummy recipes for oatmeal, send 'em on over to me ;)

But to make up for my yucky breakfast I only had one class this morning and then went out with my girlfriends to finally get Halloween costumes. Yeah I know I told you the other day we were gonna be robbers but I don't think we are doing that anymore, maybe tomorrow night. But tonight I am going to be a CAT!

Lunch this afternoon was a smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, with pretzels and a Red pear!I am officially on a pear-kick if you can't tell! I tried a RED pear today and I couldn't really tell you the difference between that and a green pear. But they are both juicy yummy
Dinner was broiled chicken, veggie blend, and an artisan roll. Look at all the veggies, I love it!

Well since tonight is Halloween Eve I am off to celebrate! Hope you all have a great Friday!

Are you celebrating Halloween both nights this weekend like me?


Meghan said...

If you want thicker oats (which I like) and I'm guessing you might like since you were so let down by them this morning, try a little less water in your oats. This will make them less soupy, and much better :)

I love oats, so I hope you find a way to make them so you love them too!

Tasty Health Food said...

Aw, I remember the first time I made oats, it was so chunky and thick, completely the opposite of yours. :) Oh, well. Live and learn. I still haven't gotten a Halloween costume and it's OCTOBER 30! Geez. This is the latest I've ever been.

taylor said...

microwave a banana; i like stovetop oatbran but the banana is a lot sweeter, try adding a pinch of salt (actually makes it sweeter) and a little bit of vanilla if you have it (:

Jess said...

My oat suggestions:

-less water
-try making them with milk--super creamy!)
-add banana
-try another kind of quaker oats--apples and cinnamon is very good!
-cinnamon/spice=fabulous in oats

Hope you figure out what works for you! :)

<3 jess

andshesoff said...

you need to add the flavor! you barely added anything, which is why they were so bland! try some brown sugar, granola, almond butter, banana, nuts, cinnamon, ect. i swear, you won't EVER want another breakfast again!

my fave combo - cinnamon, banana, walnuts, almond butter. OMG, delish.

Anonymous said...

I said it before: please PLEASE use milk instead of water! So much better:)

And a question: how do you feel about maybe changing your routine for lunch and diner? You're having a lot of turkey/cheese wraps and chicken with bread rolls, maybe nice to experiment a bit with other things? Pasta? Sandwiches? Baked potatoes?
I'm just saying it because I did the same thing when I was really into my ED and I'm so glad I'm able to enjoy pretty much everything now. For me, that's a big part of an ED mindset. Just see how you feel about it?

Enjoy your Halloween!

CaSaundraLeigh said...

Yes, oats do take awhile to master. I am not a big fan of bowls of oats, but I love using them for baking.

Make sure to take a pic of your cat costume--happy Halloween!

Gabriela said...

Oats are wayy better made out of the big container instead of the little packets...go for the blue and red Quaker tub. Then use 1/2 cup oats and add 1/2 cup almond/soy/skim milk, heat it up for about a minute, mix in your toppings and heat it up for another minute. SO YUMMY! Best toppings (to me at least) are PB, bananas, apples, pumpkin butter, cranberries and flax :)

Have fun tonight! I went to a party last night and I'll be partying again tonight too!

Anonymous said...

Dont buy the individual packets! they are so processed! Buy the big canister. for ever 1/2 cup of oats use a cup of water. I usually microwave it for 2-3 minutes, and let it sit for a couple (it thickens up over time) I add at TBSP of peanut butter, cinnamon, and i crumble a vitamuffin, or a kashi cereal bar on top.

Jenny said...

I recommend adding some spice -- some cinnamon, a packet of sweetener, steeping a tea bag -- or adding some of your boost in place of water! also, cut back on the water if you want thicker oats :)

insideiamdancing said...

perfect oats: 1 pack oatmeal, 1/2 cup milk, very thinly sliced banana and pinch of cinnamon. Microwave for 1-2 mins :)

Paige@ RunningaroundNormal said...

Looks like you need some more oats in your oats! hehe Or you could mash up a banana for flavor:)

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

You know those yogurt messes you love? Make the same thing, except using oatmeal as the base instead of yogurt.

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