The Naked Truth

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Naked Truth
Hola everyone! Hope your Tuesday was well today. This morning I had something NEW for breakfast, well kind of! I thought it was a step in the right direction with changing things up a bit. Aren't ya proud of me? Well I sure am ;)I had a yogurt mess, Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, STRAWBERRIES, and Teddie's pb with milk.
As you probably already now I love BANANAS and I have one every morning for breakfast! But today I decided to have strawberries in my yogurt mess for a change! To tell you the truth I was very proud of myself for doing this, but I must say I like bananas in my yogurt mess WAY more than strawberries. I thought the strawberries were just a lil bit to sweet. But don't get me wrong I LOVE strawberries, just not in my yogurt mess!
I couldn't capture a pic before I mixed it all up because I had to start eating it since I was running a lil bit late! Whoops. Also the rommie was in the room and she would probably have thought I was off my rocker if I toke pics of my food! So the camera stayed in my desk drawer until she left for class!
After three classes this morning I came back to my room to chill for a bit and then grabbed some lunch. Smoked turkey on a whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, pretzels, a Fuji apple, with milk.
At my school caf we have TONS of Naked juices. Now when I mean tons I mean I am pretty sure we have every single flavor they make! I tried the orange juice last year and I remembered it was extremely good so I thought I would try out some of the other flavors!I saw the PROTEIN juices and I thought these would be perfect for me! I bought the Regular (pineapple, coconut, and banana), Mango, and Double Berry.
Now let me just say I was NOT a fan of these. I expected them to be a lot better than they were. I brought the Double Berry Juice with me to class yesterday morning and I took one sip and had to wash it down with water quickly, that is how bad it tasted. Yuck! I could really taste the soy and the whey protein in it. The consitency was very thick and chalky, not something I like! So let's just say these three lil guys are no longer in my fridge. Although I didn't like these protein juices I do like the other juices. But the protein juices do have tons of protein and fruits in them!

My afternoon was spent in the library for 3 1/2 hours. I left my phone back in my room charging so I didn't know what time it was while I was there studying my lil butt off, which is a good thing because I just kept studying like a good lil girl :) But then it was getting dark out and I figured I have probably been there WAY to long. So when I got up I noticed it was 6:45!! I need to get some dinner before the dining hall closed for the night!

I got a piece of broiled chicken, Glazed Tri colored Carrot sticks, and a piece of wheat bread, with milk.
I am in LOVE <3>! They are soo good. They were like eating french fies...but only better because they were healthy and oh so good!

Toodaloee everyone! I am off to study for my BIG Biochemistry Test on Thursday and watch the Biggest Loser.

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Jess said...

Mmm, love strawberries in my yog mess, but still gotta have that banana ;)

Enjoy your night, girl!
<3 jess

Jil said...

I love, love, love Naked Juices! We have a ton at my school, too -- I blogged about them today, too! I love the Green Machine one -- weird looking (like Ninja Turtle green) but so good!

Meg said...

I LOVE strawberries! But I'm gonna have to agree with you - in yogurt messes, bananas are the winners! Haha! Glad you mixed it up though! Have a great night! Take a break from studying - you need some time to unwind :)


Carly in Wonderland said...

arent the carrots the BEST?! I'm obsessed!!

Lindsay said...

I love strawberries but I 100% agree with you. Bananas are perfect for yogurt messes!

Devan Geselle. N said...

yum I love strawberries! it does feel great to try something new. expecially if you have a really rigid routine.. or "ed" does.. and YOU decide upi want something else.. so rewarding :D

it sucks those Naked protien juices were no good! :( they looked promising@

kristine said...

i too had high hopes for the protein naked juices. they were such a let down. but im still a huge fan of their other juices :)

Abby (Nibble, Nourish, Run) said...

Thanks for the link back lady! I love your blog...!

twins said...

Strawberries are always a good choice! Looks good! Have fun studying.

Missy said...

Thanks for the shout out!! I had strawberries last night and they were delicious!!

Nutritious is Delicious said...

MMM MMM! Lunch looks fabbb! We have lotsss of Naked juices too, but somewhat expensive! Still yummy though!

Megan said...

Yay for trying out strawberries in your yogurt mess! I'm the opposite--i ONLY like strawberries in my yogurt and my bananas separate!

Holly said...

those carrots look soooooo good! naked juices are great in a bind, but i don't love them either!

Naomi said...

your yogurt mess looks like DA BOMB!!! I think I will eb making one this week!! obv it will be featuring banana!!

I never tried the naked juices but I have heard mixed reviews about them!

ashley (sweet & natural) said...

Hi Jenna - Thanks for your comment on my blog! All your juices are making me thirsty. I'm off to hunt one down in our work cafeteria now!

Hannah Banana said...

I am VERY proud of you for trying something new! :) that's great!! Keep it up girlfriend!

Allison (Balance in Bites) said...

Oooh, I totally dig your yogurt mess - I've been wondering recently how yogurt and milk would go together - now I know that other people do it! I should totally try it some time. =)

Also, I agree with you about the Naked Protein drinks. They're way too chalky for my tastes.

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