Late Dinner

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Late Dinner
Late Dinner, indeed it was! I would consider eating dinner at 9 o'clock is pretty late. Don't ya think?! Well I think so and I don't really like it either.
Lunch this afternoon was the same old, smoked turkey on a whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese lettuce, and tomotoes, with pretzels and a delicious Red Deilicous apple with milk on the side.
I am not gonna lie, but I spent the majority of my afternoon after lunch relaxing and I may or may have taken a quick cat nap ;) But then I did get some work done, so don't worry.
Around 6 o'clock I went out with my girlfriends to find costumes for Halloween! Yeah I know we definitely waited until the last minute but after THREE hours at the mall we finally all agreed on a costume! It is really hard when there is such a big group of you trying to decide on one costume. But at last all six of us agreed on being ROBBERS :D The costumes are so bad a$$. I am really excited :)
Since I did not expect it to take three hours at the mall I did not eat dinner before hand. I figured we would be back at a decent time for dinner, but boy did I think wrong. So when I got back I nearly sprinted to my room to heat up my dinner. Luckily I did get some dinner before we left so when I got back all I had to do was heat it up in the micro!
Dinner was delicious. I had one of my all time favorite side of veggies from the caf, tri-colored glazed carrots, they are amazing! I also had a piece of broiled chicken and an artisan roll with a glass of milk as well.

Sorry for such a quick late post. But better late than never! I am off to get some work done and go to bed early :)
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Devan Geselle. N said...

9 sounds late for dinner.. but if your having fun.. it doesnt matter in the least when or where you are eating :)
Smile Big :D

Anna said...

I clocked in a late dinner too (9:45) because I have a chem lab from 6:30-9:30. But if I have a good snack like a larabar at 6, it will carry me through till when I can eat :)

CaSaundraLeigh said...

I was pretty much sleeping by nine lol! Such a grandma I am :-)
Those carrots look pretty and yummy!

Gabriela said...

I can't wait to see your costume, you should post a picture after this weekend!

Danica's Daily said...

YUM to that tri color carrot mixture!

Thanks for the Mother's Cookie Contest Shoutout - good luck!

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