Technical Difficulties

Monday, October 19, 2009

Technical Difficulties
Good Afternoon lovies (well evening now)! Hope y'all had a great start to your school or work week. My Monday morning started out rather rushed! I woke up to my alarm but then I hit the off button and fell back to sleep for 20 minutes. Whoops! So I had to eat breaky rather quickly and throw on some clothes to make it to my appointment with Karen this morning, which went well if you were all wondering.

My breaky (that I could not enjoy as much as I would like) was my famous yogurt mess with Vanilla Brown Cow greek yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, a sliced banana, and a dollop of Teddie's peanut butter with milk on the side. I don't think I can EVER get sick of yogurt messes ;)

Lunch on Mondays are always early since I have Biochemistry Lab for two hours in the afternoon! I had a smoked turkey wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, with pretzels, a Red Delicious apple and milk.

My afternoon was spent in the library doing work and then I came back to have some dinner. I had a piece of broiled chicken, mixed veggies, and a artisan dinner roll along with milk. As you can see the cafeteria lady was really scimmpin' on giving out veggies tonight. I legit got six lil pieces of veggie and I was kind of upset since I love my veggies :o

Tonight I am going to relax and watch Gossip Girl while doing some more homework. Sorry for the late post but my friends' camera was acting up on muah! I was having some technical difficulties but your girl Jenna has brains and she fixed it! Have a great night everyone :)

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Lindsay said...

You totally got cheated on the veggies! :) Have a good night!

Gabriela said...

I hate it when people skimp on the veggies...they're the most important (and one of the tastiest) parts! Waking up late sucks, but if I sleep through an alarm I figure it's my body's way of telling me I need it. Have a good night :)

Karin Winfield said...

hey Jenna! I just stumbled across your blog and must give you some love :)
looking forward to reading more inspiring and helpful posts xx Karin Winfield

Jess said...

Grr to those veggie skimpers! Hehe...sorry about the tech. difficulties!

Yum to your eats!!
<3 jess

Anonymous said...

lame sauceee on the veggies!! she totally skimped! hahha, but oh well....just ask for EXTRA next time! tell her wassup! ;)
oh and ps-yea girl! i just use regular quick oats for the overnight oats and stick 'em in the fridge w/ yogurt, cinnamon and water!! :)

Lo said...

look for a Jenna breakie tomorrow ;) just saying its been toooooo long.


Naomi said...

hey darrrrling!

first, thanks for the congrats on the domain! you are the bestttt

your brown cow mess looks fantastic, I love teddie PB, the PB factory is right outside of boston and I drove by once, I swear the only thing you smell in the air is roasted peanut butter, I dont know how I would live in that town, I would want PB 24/7!

happy tuesday!!

Tasty Health Food said...

Whoa, that is a serious lack of veggies! Hopefully today will be better. :)

Hey, I was wondering, since your food is similar from day to day, you might want to add a new section to your blog or something, like an outfit diary. Just something to spice it up a little. ^^

Meg said...

Aw man, I would've asked for more veggies - that lady is insane - does she not know how delish veggies are?!?

Enjoy your day!

CaSaundraLeigh said...

I'd say they were MAJORLY skimping on veggies!! I definitely would have said,"More veggies please!" :-)

L. Simone said...

Damn school cafeterias!!...a girl needs her veggies! Glad you were able to work through your technical difficulty.

Missy said...

Thanks for the shout out! Hope you are having a better day today!

The Candid RD said...

Thanks for the giveaway shout out Jenna!! I appreciate it :)

And, I can related to your story, as I am in the airport and just got completely bummed when my 10 dollar salad was about half the size as it should have been....with very few veggies :( Ugh.

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