Should I stay of should I go?!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Should I stay or should I go?!
The first week of school is already over! Aren't you all excited it is finally friday? I am!
This Friday morning started off with a lovely yogurt mess. Strawberry Stonyfield Organic yogurt, Kashi Heart to Heart, i sliced banana, and 1 tbsp. PB & Co. peanut butter with some milk.close up of the lovely mess!

I absolutely love Friday classes because
a) i only have two classes back to back
b) my first class is not until 10:30
c) and i am done by 12:20

I like being out super early on Fridays because when I go home on the weekends I can shoot home right after that class is done and I will still have the whole rest of the day!

So I am overall I am really happy with my schedule. I have a lot of morning classes and some are back to back but I would much rather have all of my classes in the morning to get them over with and to have the whole afternoon off!

Lunch was smoked turkey with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes on a whole wheat wrap with pretzels, an apple, and milk.

I love having sandwiches for lunch, they truly are my addiction and I rarely ever get sick of eating them ;)

So my question for today is Should I stay or should I go?

...And no not to leave this college and go to another one! But I am debating whether or not to go home for the weekend. The reason is because my family is all getting together for a huge family party tomorrow for labor day. My whole fam is gonna be there and my relatives from NYC are traveling up today. I am such a family girl and I love my family <3 I hate to miss family parties :( I really wanna go home to see them all but I don't know if I should go home because I am doing really well at college and maybe once I go home I won't want to come back! Any ideas to help me out?!

Well I will let you all give me some great feedback ;) But right now I am off to lacrosse practice for a bit.


Jenny said...

tough call girl - I would say maybe it would be best for you to just stay at school.. considering you've only been there for a week now It would be easier for you to adjust if you stay up there now! I am so proud of you and your transition in to school and would hate to see this affect you in any way! I completely understand though you're desire to go home *hello, you're talking to the definition of a homebody over here!* so if you decide that then it's no problem, just try to remind yourself of how much you were enjoying school!

Bri said...

I totally feel ya with just getting the classes done with in one shot. I hated have 2 hour breaks because I don't live on rez so I would wander around for two hours until my next class... but 8am classes blow!

Miss Jones in College said...

Hey girl! I know it's really hard to leave your family at home when youre off at school but I used to go home all the time last year and I think this year I'm going to try to stay at school more.. but if it's a big family thing just go in knowing that that's the only reason you're going home! you're strong enough to stay at school and enjoy the experience :) :)

health savvy shopaholic said...

girl, i say go home! labor day weekend is such a family thing for me as well and i couldn't imagine missing out on a PARRTAAYY :) the first time i went home from college it actually made me miss college (new friends, new schedule, new bed, etc) and want to get back rather than the other way around which you're worried about. but do whatever your gut tells you to, that's what i always do! hope you have a great weekend!

*One Step at a Time* said...

I think it'd be awesome if you stayed for your first weekend back! I am sure your family will understand! Good luck making a decision!

jibbalibba said...

personally i would say to stay at school just to help you adjust and make it even happier when you get to go home but you now whats best and who am i to stop you having fun

Carly in Wonderland said...

ummm STAY

CaSaundraLeigh said...

I think I would just stay. Last yr at college I kept going home on the weekend for the first month or two and it just got too exhausting. Once I stayed on campus, I made tons of friends and got involved in campus stuff!

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