My new favorite place!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My new favorite place!

Good afternoon chicas! I have been quite busy today and I got off to an early start today. I was out the door with my mom by 7 this morning to watch my lacrosse team play at a lil tourney! (I still cannot play until I get cleared by my doctor :/) But it was nice to see my team and to cheer them on! It was also a good thing because seeing my team play made me want to get healthy again and play lacrosse! I cannot wait until the day I will be able to play again =) I was actually a bit nervous to go see my team today, because I did not really know what to expect from them, but they were all so nice and caring!

Overall, my team went 2-1, not bad! It was sooo hot up there and after it was over my mom and I cranked up the A.C. in the car and got some lunch. Now, usually when I go out for lunch I always try to eat at a Subway or D'Angelos because I feel comfortable eating there. But today the first sub shop I spotted was QUIZNOS. I didn't really feel like looking around all day so we just stopped there. I have never been to a Quiznos before even though I have seen them everywhere! So today I gave it a shot ;)

And let me tell you, I was so glad we stopped at Quiznos! The inside was so cool, I just loved it. There was a lot of different sandwiches on the menu, like premium ans classic sandwiches. I ordered a small turkey on wheat bread with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes and it rocked my socks off! I can't believe I have never had Quiznos before!

First they put the sandwich together and then toast it for a bit in the oven and the cheese melts and the sandwich gets warm and toasted! They also had a "hots bar" where you could get your own peppers etc. (i didn't get any though). I will definitely be going to Quiznos in my town this week for lunch. This may now be my new favorite sub shop ;) But I still love the other two as well. They all have their differences and things I like about them in my opinion. But if you have not tried this place before, I recommend you trying it ASAP!

Along with my lovely sandwich I had a bag of pretzels, an apple, and water.My yummy sandwich. Sorry for the bad pic, my camera cord got in the way :o

After the car ride home and some blogging I snacked on a Toasted Nuts 'n Cranberry Luna Bar with a G2. I needed a snack obvs. but I wasn't feeling anything too big, so I decided on a Luna Bar, which is enough calories to fit my meal plan and enough to hold me over until dinner!


Tonight I am babysitting my cousins again! They always have such good food, so i can always to manage to find something i like! I decided to put together a cut up Perdue chicken in a pocket with lettuce and tomatoes, along with pretzel crisps, a nectarine, and a glass of milk.

close up of my chicken pocket


Pretzel crisps! They were wicked good.

Smart Balance milk

I am off to go bake cupcakes with my cousins who love to bake :) None for me though (Ed still does not approve!) But it is okay because I would rather have a nutritional Boost later on tonight!


Michelle said...

I love Quiznos!! The turkey and swiss, like you had, is delicious there! :) I also love their Roasted Chicken comes with warm, toasted flatbreak on top..mmm! Now I want some! :)

Jenny said...

i used to be obsessed with subway but ever since i discovered quiznos i will never go back! next time you MUST get it toasted -- makes the subs 10 x's better!

Tasty Health Food said...

I hope you get to play with your team soon! It won't be long, I have a good feeling about this. :D Oh, and I've never had a Quizno's either. It just seems like I never am around one when I'm hungry. Glad to hear it's good though!

Jenna said...

yupp so i basically love quiznos now!

i sure hope i will be able to play lax soon!!

Meg said...

I love Subway! But that's only because I've only tried one thing at Quiznos and HATED it, I believe it was a ceasar salad a few years back...I need to give it a second chance I guess.

Enjoy your weekend Jenna!


Jenna said...

yesss meg you defs need to give it a second try! i still love subway as well.


Anonymous said...

Now I feel like the last blogger to never have a breakfast cookie. I have had cookies for breakfast, does that count? haha

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