I can't feel the left side of my mouth :(

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I can't feel the left side of my mouth :(
I just came back from my dentist appointment this afternoon and I can't feel the whole left side of my mouth :( I had to get some work done and they had to numb my mouth.
Anyways for lunch I had a turkey sandwich on oatmeal bread with american cheese and lettuce paninied, a gala apple, Snyder's Organic Oat Bran pretzel sticks, and a glass of milk.
After lunch I had my weekly doctors appoinment which went well!After lunch I came home and spent time with my aunt who came over for a visit :)
Besides not being able to feel like left side of my mouth, my dentist appointment also went well. After I had a lil snack to hold me over until dinner because I knew I had to have something or else I would be starving, so I made the right decision ;) It was such a strange feeling eating my snack because I could only eat it on the right side of my mouth!
I had a Blueberry Clif Kid Z Bar! These bars will always be a favorite of mine!
I have had the Blueberry Flavor before and I really like it. This bar tastes like a baked cookie. It is really soft and has bits of blueberries in it! I love having the Clif Kid Z bars because they are the perfect size snack!

Right now I am off to TARGET =)


Jenny said...

oh gosh i'm pretty sure the dentist is the most hated person in the world! i dread going to him!!

have fun at target, Jenna! that place is dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear bout the dentists. I love Z-bars, blueberry is my favorite for something sweet and peanut butter is for something a little more savory. Haha, way to make a verb out of panini

Jenna said...

i must agree with you jenny about the dentist! the dentists always put way too much novacaine in :/ my mouth is still numb! i hate it!

i have yet to try the peanut butter z bar! but now that you mentioned it i must try it soon!

Anonymous said...

new to your blog, so "HI"!

I just tried that burrito... Amy's products are so good! Ah, could eat them every day!

I had dental work done on Monday- not fun...

mtbcy said...

I LOVE Z bars! You're right- they're the perfect snack size and taste so much better than regular Clif bars. I had the brownie flavor as a snack this afternoon :)

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