Food Should Taste Good

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tonight for dinner I had an Original Vegan Boca Burger. Yeah I guess you could say I am obsessed with these lil guys, they are just so good!
Along with my burger I tried Multigrain Food Should Taste Good Chips!Sorry for the blurry pic of my dinner, I am still trying to get used to taking good foodie pics!Multigrain Food Should Taste Good ChipsThese chips are Tortilla Chips but also a cracker too! They are made with flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds, oat fiber, brown rice, quinoa, and soy. Awesome Ingredient List!
This was my first time ever trying these chips and it sure won't be my last time either ;)
Food Should Taste Good Chips tasted more like a cracker than a chip to me, they had a very crunchy flavor to them. These chips were not greasy at all, which is always a plus! Overall, I really enjoyed these chips because I knew I was eating something that is good for my body and very delicious at the same time!
Thank you so much Food Should Taste Good for your coupon, I really enjoyed the Multigrain flavor and can't wait to try all the others!


platipus329 said...

mmm i got a sampler pack from Food should taste good today and can't wait to try some of their chips. I didn't get the multigrain, but those ingredients make it sound awesome

Lindsay said...

Those chips look really good!

Jenna said...

yes these chips are really good, even though they don't taste like chips at all, more like crackers!!

Devan Geselle. N said...

hey girl!
awesome blog :)
i will definatly follow you !

I have yet to try those chippys!

The Apple Hill Adventurer said...

i have tried the olive kind of those chips, quite good :)

thanks for stopping by my blog!

jibbalibba said...

yummy looking cracker chippys

Oh She Glows said...

Mmmm those chips look so good! :) I wonder if they sell those near me?

Great job on your blog so far, keep it up!

Oh She Glows said...

Hmm just tried to submit a comment but not sure if it worked :)

I love those chips...they look so yummy! I wonder if they have them near me?

Love your blog, keep up the great work hun!

CaSaundraLeigh said...

These chips are beyond good(and addicting)! I did a review on the whole line awhile back--you can check it out here-->

Julie said...

you're right food SHOULD taste good. haha Idk why I felt the need to say that.

thanks for checking out my blog girl! yours is so fun :)

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