College Packing

Monday, August 24, 2009

College Packing

Today my mom, sister, and I went to BJ's to stock up on stuff for the house and college! I love going to BJ's! Does anyone else?

After getting tons of GOODS at BJ's I came home and made myself some lunch! I had a turkey sandwich with american cheese and lettuce on whole wheat bread, an apple, some organic pretzel sticks, with a glass of milk.

Now since I have been recovering from my ED I tend to eat at the exact same times each day. I have recently noticed when I don't eat at those exact times I tend to eat really fast for some reason. Like today for example, we got home a little after 2 and that is when I usually eat lunch, but I still had to make it and eat it! So by the time I finished making my lunch and actually started eating it was 2:15, and I just kind of freaked out! So whenever this happens I will notice myself eating faster because I didn't begin eating at my usual "set" time and I just want to get it over with!

Does this every happen to anyone else recovering from ED?
Yesterday at the store I found these new babies! ORGANIC Snyder's Oat Bran pretzel sticks. Right when I saw them I knew I had to buy them. So today for lunch I had some and they were excellent!

I usually have Snyder's Mini Pretzels.

You can tell I am a huge fan of SNYDER'S PRETZELS :)

After lunch I started getting my stuff ready for college since I leave Sunday!!All of my other college stuff I brought up from the basement. You can tell all of my stuff is wicked cool ;) The colors of my dorm room are blue and green! Those are my two favorite colors.
I love packing for college :)


Anonymous said...

Right now everything I have for my dorm is green, and I'm worried it's starting to look like a matchy-matchy kid's room lol. So long as my roomate has nothing green, I think we'll be fine

itsawrapteacher said...

I am the same way girlie! I have set times that I usually eat and finish my meals and tend to rush to "meet" the time. Don't think that's normal though but at least I eat now!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! That sandwich looks delicious as does your yogurt mess. Miss those!!!

And yesss! I used to be so STUCK on meal times, but now i'm not at alllllll. There really is no reason for stressing over the times. Eating something 20, 30 minutes or even an hour earlier or later than "planned" is totally normal, and totally fine!!! It will make no difference in the long run, promise! :)

jibbalibba said...

i do find myself eating quicker if its late because i dont want all my meals to become squashed up and i am afraid i may burst if i eat to full but i am becoming a little more relaxed

Katie Laura said...

hey thanks for the comment!
argh! I totally understand what you're saying.
if my meal isn't at its set time, then everything is off balance and I rush through just to get it over with!
soooo not alone!

Anonymous said...

So exciting about getting packed up for college! It's always fun to have the whole year ahead of you. :)

LOVE Synder's!!! They have the best preztels.


Jenny said...

snyders pretzels are awesome - right? you have to try the honey wheat.. they are incredible!

we've already chatted about the food timing thing so you know my take on that -- but keep reminding yourself that 15 minutes is NO BIG DEAL. in reality - you cant expect yourself to be able to eat at 2 o'clock each and every day .. things happen, LIFE gets in the way - and thats okay!

keep working at it sweetheart :)

Jenna said...

i love matching stuff platipus!

itsawrap-yes, i do tend to rush my meals when not on time! hate ittt

jess- i am hoping one day soon i won't have to eat at my set times!

jibb- i am glad you are coming a bit relaxed!

katie- yes i am the same! i rush just to get it over with!

heather- can't wait for college! and yes snyder's are the best!

jenny-no i have not tried the honey wheat yet! but i will soon :)and yes life does get into the way and you are right, it is NO big deal if i don't eat at my "set" time!

thanks for all the comments girlies!!

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