Bashing the baggers...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bashing the baggers...

Good afternoon biddies! Hope y'all are having a good humpday. So me and my mom went to the grocery store because we were in a major need of some fooood! and of course i had to say hollah to my guys beckam and tony at the store and yes i know the managers on a first name basis here as well, what can i say? jenna ;) $189 buckaroos later, we were good to go.

Omg so I cannot stand some of the baggers at these stores! (sorry if your job is are a bagger :o) but some of them just really annoy me...they are either way too slow or they just throw anything they want together in a bag and squish stuff my food! really makes me bad. i actually love it when there aren't any baggers because i can just bag myself and not to brag or anything but i honestly do a MUCH better job than they can :) it really is not that hard of a job to bag. am i aksing to much?! maybe i am, but does anyone else notice this at the store?! maybe it's just my store. but anyways enough bashing the baggers i will show ya what i got:

4 apples
2 peaches
Fage Total 1% yogurt
Snyder's pretzel minis
Vanilla Chobani yogurt
Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Bars
2 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers

And no that is not all that we got, those are just my major staple foods i like!

After shopping it was time for lunch so I made myself a turkey panini w/ cheese, tomato, and lettuce with a serving a pretzels, a peach, and milk.

my lunch

one good lookin' panini :)

Now I have a question for everyone out there who eats peaches...I cut a peach up today with my lunch but it tasted gross so i took one bite and threw the rest away (i hate wasting food but it was so bland). I am not an expert on peaches so i have NO idea how to store them, when they are ripe, or when to eat them. any tips on peaches?


For a lil snacker I had a Cookies 'n Cream Power Bar with a G2 (for my electrolyte balance) to hold me over until dinner. I ripped the wrapper of the bottle?! don't really know why...and the pic is really blurry, sorryy.

See you all later today :)


laurasworthlesswords said...

Ohh your pannini looks so good! I love peaches as well, I eat one every morning with my breakfast. I`m really like all my fruit hard, I hate overly ripe stuff its to squishy.
I poke my peaches before I buy them and pick the firmest ones then I keep in the fridge, Im not entirely sure but I do think this helps to keep them firmer for longer.
It can be hard to tell though, sometimes you cut one open and the insides still a bit mushy.
Have a great day

Genesis said...

i totally understand how you feel about baggers...i always try to group items the way i want them to be a very bossy shopper, cuz like you, I hate having a bag of crumbled chips when i get home!

Jenna said...

how are peaches with your breakfast? i have never tried them at breakfast before, i always have a banana!

haha genesis, so true about baggers! or squished bread is always great! hah.

talk to you girls soon :)

Lexi said...

yummy eats! I love the Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers. Delish!

platelicker said...

Totally hear what you have to say about baggers haha. My veggies always end up on the bottom :(

As for peaches, I usually peel them then cut them by making a cut to the pit from top to bottom then bottom to top again so that it's all the way around. Then again so I get quarters, and the fruit just peels away from the pit. Usually I cut them when the fruit gives a tiny little bit to my touch but isn't mushy. I probably just get lucky lol but they always end up delish :)

Also, I heard peaches from South Carolina are the best. Have you ever heard this?

Love your blog by the way. Glad I found it! :)

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