I could not resist

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I could not resist

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a great Columbus Day. I know I did because I went to the mall with my mom, sister, cousins, aunt, and grammy! I was so happy to do some shopping and spend time with my family!
We went to mall in the afternoon and we first ate some lunch before we started shopping :) I wated to try something new so I decided on Salad Creations! Salad Creations is this wicked cool fresh and fabulous place where you can get salads, paninis, or wraps with basically whatever you want. I got the turkey wrap with romaine lettuce and fresh cut up tomatoes. It was very simple but good and fresh. They put all the ingredients you want into a bowl right in front of you then they slice it all up with this cool lil cutter (almost like a pizza cutter) then they mix it all up and put it into a wheat wrap. It was SOO good and I would definitely get this again although it was a tad bit expensive :/

At the mall I got a pair of new dark skinny jeans and a scarf both from American Eagle! Well actually I didn't buy then, momma did ;) Love going shopping with her! I am kind of obsessed with scarves now, they are perfect for fall fashion!
Dinner was late once I got back from shopping all afternoon. I decided on trying my new Kashi frozen dinner meal I just bought, Garden Vegetable Pasta.

This Kashi entree had whole wheat penne pasta with yellow squash, broccoli, and white beans with roasted red pepper, garlic, and four-herb sauce. It was a great sized portion that kept me full and was very yummy! I would love to try more of the Kashi frozen entrees in the near future.

This morning I could not resist! I just had to have another Vitalicious VitaTop with my breakfast. I had the BlueBran flavor which was very yummy and had little pieces of blueberries! Tasted just like a muffin top but much healthier and better!

The precious gem all by itself before I topped it with some amazing goodness ;)

And that would be my love that I have missed soo much, VANILLA CHOBANI yogurt with a sliced up banana and a dollop of Naturally More peanut butter with a glass of milk on the side. 'Twas a great morning breaky!

I am off to do some errands with mom this afternoon...TARGET of course! Then we are going to my sister's field hockey game later! I love being home and being able to watch my younger sisters at all their sporting events! They are such great athletes, I mean they learn from the best *cough* ME *cough* ;)

Also, check out these cool giveaways Fitnessista is giving away and the one from Missy Maintains and Prior Fat Girl ;) And last but not least this giveaway!


Carly said...

Are you honestly going to target without me? We are fighting. Cant wait to see your new jeans!! I LOVE gray jeans. I got new gray skinny trues this summer.. haven't worn them yet though... but they sure are cute!

L. Simone said...

Mmm, that Kashi dinner looks mighty tasty. And TARGET, I miss that store so much, I wish there was one in nyc. :(

kasondra said...

it must be so nice seeeing your family and younger siblings, enjoy their company while you are home!

Devan said...

The Salad creations place sounds awesome :)

love your vitatop creations!

Missy said...

Love the vitatop and yogurt combo! I do that a lot! Thanks for the linkage!

Unknown said...

YUM your vita creation looks great! I havent tried the blue bran ones but it looks fab

the kashi dinner looks great!! :)

Jil said...

Ooh, I've never tried the BlueBran type -- I think I'll have to now!!

Katie ♥ said...

I love vitatops too they are the best!

kasondra said...

thats ok. i can bare with you till you get your camera back. plus you have a good description of your food. i get a nice mental immage, : ) take care.

CaSaundraLeigh said...

I wanted to try the Salad Creations restaurant so badly. I saw it when I went to Mall of America..but next time I will hafta stop by for sure!

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