Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hey everyone! If you can't already tell by my post title I have made a BIG MOVE! I finally made the decision to switch my blog over from blogger to wordpress!

Here is my new link so please please please make sure you add it to your blogroll and follow me...

While at school...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

HELLO everyone! I first want to say I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I feel like I haven't blogged in oh so long, well that's because...I haven't! The last week of school I was very very busy, all I basically did was eat, sleep, study, with occassional trips to the gym. I am happy to say I am home and done with finals and enjoying break with my family :)

I have had these pictures for quite some time so I decided to do a quick post of what I was up to during finals week.

Yogurt messes were a must obvi.Hummus per usual with veggies and pretzels.My fav Luna Bar by far.More snacks I munched on while studying...Salmon topped over veggies for dinner out to eat.

And for my roomie's 21st birthday we went out to a hibachi grill!I started out with Miso soup.followed by a salad with ginger dressing.and for my meal I got teriyaki shrimp over veggies with a side of sticky white rice. Lots and lots of stydyinggg. But the one thing that kept me sane during finals was my evening snack of fro yo with toppings ;)

Well folks that was a wicked (yes, I say wicked) quick post from while I was at school and I will be soon doing a recap of my Christmas. Can't wait to share with you what I got...but I will give you a hint of one thing I got...starts with a C, ends with an A, is 6 letters long, and lots of bloggers use them ;)


My Thanksgiving Break

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why hello my bloggie readers! I sure hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day last week and you truly enjoyed your day with family, friends, and loved ones along with some amazing food...because I sure know I did :) My goal for this years holiday was to make sure it was NOT like last year when I was deep in my ED and did not get to fully enjoy the holiday and it was just awful. But I must say this years Thanksgiving was SOOO much better than last years and I really did enjoy it to the fullest! More to come later on in this post ;)

But onto some other delicious eats while over break at home!Yes this is a CINNAMON CRUNCH BAGEL from Panera Bread! These are by far my favorite bagels and I loved to eat them before my eating disorder. This was the first time in a longgg time that I ventured out to eat not just only a plain old bagel...but a Panera Cinnamon Crunch Bagel! This was a huge step because while recovering in my ED I have always feared bagels. I am pretty sure this was my last fear food that I have yet to conquered, but now I can finally say I have!Oh and then the next morning what did I have...just another bagel! You can see I was on a bagel kick ;) This was a Thomas' whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and homemade jam, a banana, and a glass of milk. And just to clarify this was a real sized bagel and not a mini! After breakfast this morning which consisted of eggs with hot sauce, english muffin, banana, and milk I was craving a Dunkin Donuts glazed munchkin that was sitting in the box on my I had one! I showed my dad and he was like what come out of you?! Hah. I simply just wanted one and so I had one! It was that easy and just as delicious as I remembered them to be!Trader Joe's Triple Berry O's that I picked up while at home. I love the dried fruit in the cereal, and it adds a nice sweet touch!Love this bar because it is a Sweet & Salty Trail Mix Bar! Perfect combo.Dollop of peanut butter in my yogurt...why not?!Peanut butter Granola Thins crumbled in my yogurt...hey why not?! This was my first time trying these and they were very good and also want to try the Chocolate thins as well.Went on a nice coffee date with my bff and had a Vanilla Bean iced coffee at my new favorite coffee place, LalaJava!

But now onto Thanksgiving!My plate included everything on the table! I had turkey with corn bread, stuffing, mashed potatoes, creanberry sauce, and maple glazed sweet potatoes. I went back for seconds on the stuffing because it was by far the best dish of the meal, so good!My aunt also had Maple Pumpkin Butter for us to try which was very good and I put some on my bread.Dessert #1 at my aunt's house was all about fruit and chocolate for me! There was a huge Edible Arrangements display which I dove right into. I started out with some some regular fruit along with 2 chocolate dipped Granny smith apples covered with cinnamon! They were that good that I even went back for a third! Hey it was Thanksgiving and I wanted another one so I did!Dessert #2 at my other aunt's house was blueberry pie topped with Vanilla Bean ice cream. Yumm! This is so like the OLD JENNA without an ED and I absolutely love it!Subway for lunch. I ventured out and tried Miss. Vickie's JALEPENO chips which were very hot, but very good!My aunt's homemade stuffed shells, a spinach salad, and toasty bread. I made my own spinach salad topped with dried cranberries, toasted almonds, mushrooms, tomatoes, and dressing. Oh how I love babysitting...getting paid while being able to eat delicious food and hang out with my cousins ;)Tropical Chicken Salad with warm flatbread.Frozen yogurt was consumed while I was home!As well as some real ice cream! So that was my Thanksgiving Break! It was very enjoyable and was very sad I had to come back to school :( But to look on the bright side I will already be home again for Christmas break in less than 3 weeks! Ehhh, can't wait :)

Hope you are all having a great start to the week after the holiday!


2 day week :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hey hey hey! Everyone ready for yet another start of the week? But the good thing is it is a short week because THANKSGIVING is Thursday! I am finally going home tomorrow for the first time since Columbus Day weekend in October! I can't wait :) I only have to get through 2 more classes tomorrow morning and then my mom will be picking me up at school!

I still have been doing very well recovery wise since the last time I posted (even thought that was like only last week) Hah. But anyways last week my weekly appointment went well and I am not seeing Karen this upcoming Wednesday because I will be on break. She said I was doing well that she did not want to see me since she just saw me last Wednesday and is giving me this week off and we will just resume when I come back from break! I truly think this is a real sign of improvement :)

So now we shall move onto my eats as of lately...
Yog mess with Blueberry Brown Cow greek yogurt, Cheerios, strawberries, soy nut butter, and a glass of milk.

Have you ever tried soy nutter butter before?!
I haven't until this year at my dining hall! I am not quite sure what brand it is but I will check next time to let you all now. But I really like it because it is veryyy creamy ;)
My usual yogurt mess with Vanilla Brown cow greek yogurt, cherrios, banana, and Jif All Natural peanut butter and a glass of milk.Luna Bars have been my go to morning snacks as of lately if you haven't already noticed. What can I say, there are just so many good flavors to choose from!Get ready for this! Guess what I had for lunch yesterday?!a TUNA MELT!!! I used to be soo afraid of ordering tuna out at restaurants because I was scared off all of the mayonnaise they used or even when I would make it at home I would never put enough mayo on it and then it would just taste like blah :( But that was when I was deep in my ED and guess what? I am no longer into my ED and I eat what I want now and could careless what ED has to say. Well actually to tell you the truth, I rarely even hear his VOICE anymore!!! So since I haven't had a good tuna sandwich in awhile and I was getting quite sick of turkey sandwiches, I decided to switch it up and have a tuna melt because it was what I wanted and let me tell you I am glad I did because it was tastyyy!Random dinner but it did the trick! I was craving sushi one night and my dining hall hasn't had it in soo long but once they did I immediately jumped all over it. I had Vegetable Sushi rolls, a cool "S" looking wheat roll, and a piece of chicken with hot sauce.Hummus with pretzels, carrot sticks, and cucumbers for dippage! Seriously, I am officially addicted.

Another addiction of mine...frozen yogurt!
Vanilla with Reese's pieces :) Such a good evening bed time snack!

Now onto the topic of THANKSGIVING! I know this time of the year can be very stressful for a lot of people especially of those with ED. The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration while being around with family and friends sharing good laughs and sitting down for a nice meal. But for those with ED, holidays can cause fear, anxiety, and stress. Now I can totally relate to this because last Thanksgiving and Christmas I was still in my ED and it was horrible. I would get so caught up before hand and think about what I was going to eat and should I eat less before at breakfast since I knew there was going to be a lot of food later in the day to compensate and it was just so annoying and a waste of time. My ED was so strong and was the one in control and not me. I remember last Thanksgiving making my own vegetable dish just to assure myself there would be a "healthy" and "safe" food available for me to eat. But when I look back now I think it was just absurd. This year I have decided to take on a totally different approach on the holidays. I will not be limiting my intake before hand, or thinking about what I am going to eat, or making my own "special" dishes, or anything ED related. I am going to eat how I used to eat without and before my ED and that is that and I can assure you this Thanksgiving I will be indulging in some yummy desserts and that I WILL be eating pie and ice cream for dessert ;) I'm just sayin.

Can't wait to share my Thanksgiving recap in my next post :) Off to dinner with the girls!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!


Stronger and Stronger

Monday, November 15, 2010

Well hello friends! How have you all been doing since the last time I posted?! I hope wonderful :) Can you believe it is already the middle of Novemeber and Thanksgiving is a week from Thursday? Crazyyy!

Since I all now you are all just dying to know how I am doing, I will tell you and the answer is FANTASTIC! I know I say this all the time but I honestly can't say it enough, I have just been living and loving my life without ED. There is so much more to life than ED, and each day I am still getting stronger and stronger and I love it!

But anyways on to the eats! I have been switchin' it up a bit because (honestly I thought I would never say this) but I am kind of getting sick of yogurt messes. I mean when I was deep into my ED I would just always have them and I would say I loved having them everyday and didn't mind, but now I am just like NO! I am sick of them sometimes and want to eat something different and what I want!
Wheat english muffin with pb, fruit, vanilla yogurt, and milk. Loved mixing the different flavors of fruit with my yogurt :)Wheat english muffin, pb, banana, yogurt, and milk.But of course I have still been having my yogurt messes ;)Hummus with pretzels, carrots, and broccoli for dippage purposes with...Chocolate Soy Milk. So good!
Pasta e fagioli soup, salad, and a cool lookin' 6-Grain roll.

Soup, salad, and breadsticks...Olive Garden anyone?! Speaking of Olive Garden I actually went there for dinner with my roomie and her family on Saturday which was a big step because the last time I went their a little over a year ago for my mom's birthday it was a nightmare and since it used to be (and still is) my favorite restaurant I wanted to make this one a good experience and I did!
The other night I tried my dining halls so called "Marathon Roll" with nuts, carrots, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Pretty cool, huh? Well it was pretty tasty too! Something different too that I haven't ever heard of or seen before!

You are probably wondering what this big machine is in my dining hall. Well it is our new MooBella Ice Cream Machine we got this semester! I love my dining hall.
You can make your own ice cream in just 40 seconds with 96 different varieties and it is 100% all-natural dairy. I know your jealous ;) It's okay!So I decided to finally give it a try and make my own...White Chocolate Raspberry! Well it kind of melted and then I frooze it so it looks weird in the cup, hah. But anyways that's besides the point, it was overall pretty good except for the fact that I only got ONE sinle chocolate chip! Pshh. But I am defs gonna try the other flavors as well, I heard the Cake Batter is good ;)

But nothing compares to all of my frozen yogurt I have. I am now obsessed with "froyo" ever since my roomie has it all the time and our coffee shop has yummy froyo with all different toppings as well.

My all time favorite...chocolate frozen yogurt with Reese's pieces. There is this one particular girl who works at the coffee shop that my roomie and I love because she makes the best froyo because she puts a decent amount of candies on both the bottom and top! So we always get excited when she is working...yeah we are weird and we know it but ho cares!For one of my nursing classes we are having a Promotion Fair and I decided to do mine on, well of course...Eating Disorders since I know a lot about it and probably could have done this project with my eyes closed! Anyways, I just whipped up this baby the other night and I think it came out pretty darn good if I do say so myself ;) I did all sorts of stuff like how to love your body, stay active, get incolved, have a healthy relationship with food etc. and I also got Dove Chocolate Promises with the affirmations in the wrappers to give away to the audience!
So I will leave you now with yet another mirror pic of me. Hah.

Gotta go get some froyo and watch Cake Boss! Night everyone :)

Oh and p.s. I forgot to tell you that I am now at a weight were my nurse practitioner is finally allowing me to start incorporating exercise back into my dialy routine!! But we have both agreed for me to wait until Thanksgiving break for me to meet with my personal trainor at home to help me get back into exercising! I am so excited and I can't wait to get started and I will be sure to post about it next time!